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February 22, 2012
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It was 15 minutes into Dib's break and he found himself running down a crowed street with three bags on each arm. The bags weren't that heavy, it was getting passed all the humans that slowed Dib down.

Dib's eyes sparkled with relief as the McMeaty's sign came into view but by that time the young adult needed to catch his breath.

"Sh-shit...I'm s-sooo late!" Dib gasped as he used his knees as a rest for his arms. The human's heart was beating fast, he was sweating like never before and worst of all, he was worried about Zim.

Dib still had time! In fact, he didn't have to go to work until he wanted today because he was out on errands.

Dib stood up again and ran to McMeaty's, the 20 year old was fond of all the running he did as a boy. It was funny because once again, Dib was running after his one and only alien.

Once Dib reached the restaurant he looked through the windows to see Zim; waiting. Dib then went to the side of the building to enter it. He was frustrated at the amount of doors the place had. What was the purpose of two sets of doors?

"Why do fast food restaurants have so many damn doors!?" Dib hissed between his clutched teeth as he opened them, still out of breath.

Finally inside the place, Dib shouted in triumph. "I made it! HA! I'm here!" soon after the black haired male threw his tired body onto the counter, needing something to rest on. Yes he ran a lot as a kid but that was years ago.

Dib didn't care if anyone saw him or what they thought; he did care if Zim saw him though so when Dib lifted his head off the counter, he found himself looking up at a very shocked alien.

Zim stared wide eyed at Dib's outburst and all his running but at the same time it warmed his heart. Dib was the same, and Dib was forcing himself to make it on time; the human cared, and that was all that mattered.

Zim's lips twisted into a sly smile, lifting Dib's chin up a bit to look into those tired eyes. Zim purred in the back of his throat, so glad to see Dib and his effort.

"Well, Dib-Human. I'm quite impressed, minus the fact you are late. Zim had lost hope in you. But it appears you are worthy of Zim's amazingness." Zim spoke, slyly and highly of himself like he would when he was younger, showing his true self, once again.

Dib felt his face got red when Zim's skinny fingers caressed his bottom jaw and lift it slowly. The blush deepened when he heard Zim purr. 'The old Zim' Dib thought dreamily. He loved Zim when he was cocky and that irken smirk...

The alien let go of Dib's chin and went to grab a cup of water for him. Zim then gave the drink to the tired human, holding his arm a bit to get his tired body off of the counter. Zim pulled Dib over to booth for the human to rest.

After Zim's words of approval, Dib watched Zim get him a cup of water and the green male helped him over to a seat.

Zim sat down and smiled. Actually...Dib looked kind of hot when he was tired and sweaty but Zim just blamed the thought on masturbating with his antennas this morning. "Drink up." Zim said.

Dib chugged the offered drink down fast, not caring that he still had bags on his arms. Then the human slammed the cup on the table with a heavy sigh.

Once Dib relaxed a bit, he looked at Zim. "Sorry I'm so late...I had to do some stuff up town and it took soo long there and then I had to run here and I still made it late." Dib said a little disappointed at himself.

Zim purred happily in the back of his throat. "Makes you more worthy of Zim, Dib-Human." Zim rested his head on his hands, folded over each other as his elbows rested upright on the table, looking slightly like a dreamy school girl. Zim had that sly smile on his face once again with half lidded eyes.

Dib smiled at Zim's good-old cockiness. The other seemed to like the black haired male's effort to try and make it on time, Dib was claimed 'worthy of Zim' and Dib just chuckled.

"I must say, Zim is very impressed of your..." Zim twirled his hand up in the air. Oh how good it felt to be himself. "Strong willed arrival." Zim said, clicking his tongue against his teeth.

Zim needed to stop that purring, it was bothering Dib and it wasn't a bad bother; it was the 'flustered and slightly turned on' bothered. Dib tried to ignore it as the alien continued to talk.

"What are in the plastic devices you carry?" Zim said, cocking his head to the side, still resting his head on his hands. The alien raised one eye, very curious of Dib and what he had in his bags.

When Zim asked about the bags, Dib put them all down and rested his arms on the table.
"I'm decorating my works office for an office party tomorrow." Dib said causally. "My boss is trying to make me interact with the other co-workers since I don't really want to..." Dib sounded like he was complaining which wouldn't be a complete lie.
Then Dib looked at the green male and smiled, the human was so glad he made it on time to see his alien.

Zim rested his hands on the table, being less cocky. "What is your job exactly?" Zim asked, really curious what he did for a living.

Dib looked at Zim then said "I'm a receptionist at some company. I do stuff for my boss and do customer service. It's an alright job."

Zim was interested in this party thing as well. Dib going to a party? It just sounded odd. Zim watched much T.V. and when he thought of parties, he thought of people getting drunk and banging. The thought sent a shiver down Zim's spine, and hints of jealousy in his mind. Dib with some other...being, it sickened Zim!

Zim rolled his shoulders, trying to stop the thoughts and the shuddering. "So...taking a Girly friend with you to this party of yours?" Zim asked, a bit more interested in that question than the other question. Zim had to know if Dib was dating anyone. So he could plot the killing of that female who wanted to do sickly things to his Dib. Zim had to hold back a growl in his throat at the thought of Dib already having it. The human was 20 after all.

Dib blushed madly when Zim asked about taking a girl to the office party. The question made Dib feel insecure a bit. " Um, no...I was actually going to ask you to come with me...since I don't want to go alone...and we're friends right?' Dib rubbed his neck nervously with a nervous laugh.

Zim smiled widely, showing off his zipper like teeth. "Of course Zim will come!" he shouted excitedly then blushed at his outburst.

Zim was very excited to spend more time with Dib. And the fact that Dib called Zim his....friend made Zim's heart skip a beat.

"You will? Great!" Dib smiled, relieved that Zim said yes.

Zim squealed quietly as he smiled widely at Dib. "When is it again?" Zim asked quickly. "S-Sorry...Zim is just excited to spend more time with hi- uuuh...With you." Zim said, blushing shyly. The overjoyed alien almost said 'his Dib'.

Dib blushed when Zim said he wanted to spend more time with him, it was a foreign feeling hearing the green boy say something like that but all together it felt amazing. Dib wanted to tell Zim how much he wanted to be with the other too but he was too embarrassed to do it, he wasn't as confident yet. Hopefully he will be later but for now, the black haired 20 year old smiled widely at the alien.

Zim's excitement made Dib excited too. "I don't know what it starts...but if you tell me when you end work tomorrow, I can pick you up and we could easily walk there."

"I get off of work around 5 tomorrow." Zim said, with his wide smile still on his face.
God, I have 3 school projects to worry about and they are due relatively close.
I hateth you school! Ruin my life all you want!:stinkeye:<---that icon kills me! XD

Anyways, I have some time before I go to night school so I edited some of mine and :icongogglor:'s RP~

I hope you enjoy~!
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