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Zim kept purring out contently towards Dib. He wasn't like a cat of course, because cats couldn't purr and meow at the same time. However, Zim could speak and purr in his throat at the same time.

"How has life been for you since you've moved away? Still in touch with your sister and parent unit?" Zim asked, wanting to get caught up with Dib.

The question threw the human off a bit, he didn't know Zim would really care about that but the black haired boy tried to answer as best as he could.

"Gaz? She's off to college in game design of course. She called me about a week ago so I should call her again soon. My probably doing the same old shit. I don't really care about him, we don't keep in touch at all.  I tried but it gets awkward so I stopped a year ago and he never bothered to call me so he can go fuck contaminated bacterium for all I care." Dib said sourly as he fiddled with a wrapper on the table.

The 20 year old felt like crying since he hated bad mouthing his father but he was sick of the old man's shit, he never showed interest in what Dib did and as the human got older he became more and more invisible to his famous father.

Membrane must have assumed that Dib could do things on his own now, therefore no longer in need of a father figure, Dib picked up on that and decided to move out.

Zim smiled, giggling to himself at Dib's cursing. It was so weird hearing Dib curse like that at his father! He used to curse at Zim when they would get in fights.  But this, Zim somehow, found very funny.

Suddenly, Zim was bursting out laughing like he used to when he was an alien menace bent on destroying the world. His eyes began to water as people stared at his outburst. "Aahaha! I-I'm...Ahaha...Hehehe...Zim is s-sorry...!" Zim said, holding his hands over his mouth to control himself.

Dib was startled when Zim burst out laughing, the other looked like he was about to die. Dib never meant to be funny with his rant about his neglected father but Dib find it quite funny. The human caught himself chuckling here and there but mostly at Zim.

"J-Just...You cussing like that...A-At your fa-father...Why is it so funny?!" Zim began to laugh again, trying to hold it back with his hand. Zim shook his head, giggling lightly.

After a while, Zim removed his hand, still smiling from his laughing attack. "Zim is sorry, it's very...Hehehe, inappropriate to laughing at your hate for your parent unit." Zim said, placing a hand on his cheek to try and hold back his smile. "Zim can see the pain you went through with your father...I know what it's like to not be treated with the love you deserve of someone you should see highly. Zim shouldn't have laughed at that. I'm very sorry Dib." Zim said seriously, as he stopped smiling, but frowned weakly.

Zim knew how it felt to be unloved by someone you looked up to or you should look up to, in Dib's case. Zim wanted to let Dib know, he knew how the human felt. But the laughing didn't help at all. Zim actually felt guilty for laughing like that.

When Zim talked about Dib's problems, it made it sound even sadder. Dib bowed his head in shame; even Zim noticed Dib's suffering. Dib started to feel like he really needed a hug but he shook his head.

"Thanks Zim." Dib said sadly.

Zim frowned at Dib bowing his head down and sighed, slipping his hand under Dib's chin to bring his face up. Zim looked deep into Dib's saddening eyes. "Hey, stop that." Zim said with passionate eyes. "Dib will never be sad around Zim. Not while I'm alive, anyways." Zim said, rubbing his smooth fingers against Dib's chin. "Who told you the Dib shall show an INCH of sadness around ZIM?! No one can dare show sadness around Zim, mostly a friend."

Again Dib felt Zim's skinny fingers under his chin and he found himself looking into the alien's expressive eyes. The words the alien spoke made Dib feel so much better and his heart melted.

The alien was being so passionate and gentle with him, Dib could really see himself dating Zim at this point.

Zim liked the warmth of Dib's face, wanting to stroke his cheek and he felt his hand wonder more around his face. Zim stopped himself as he pulled his hand away. He blushed greatly as he looked at Dib with his wide passionate eyes then the alien flicked Dib's nose gently and pushed his glasses up slyly. "No more frowns, Dib-babe." Zim said, purring contently. The purring making the add on to Dib's name sound more seducing.

Dib blushed madly when Zim called him babe, he really liked Zim calling him that; it sounded

"C-can you call me that more? I...I like it." Dib blushed as he avoided eye contact with the alien.

Zim raised an eyebrow. "Call you, Dib-babe?" Zim questioned, less seductive but it still had that sweet tone to it. Zim smirked gently. "Of course, Dib-Babe." Zim added that purr at the end, making the words slip off of his tongue so smoothly.

Dib made a 'mm' noise in the back of his throat, he loved his new nickname. Zim made is sound so nice.

"I hope you are feeling much better, Dib. I don't like when you are sad." Zim said, with a gentle frown and blush from his own words. He bit his lip shyly. "Uuh...You hungry, babe?" Zim said, heart skipping a beat when he just said babe and not Dib before it, he was curious what it sounded like without Dib attached to it. Then the alien looked down shyly and whispered weakly. "Sorry."

"No, it's fine!" Dib assured the alien. "I would like a coffee if that's ok." Dib said with a smile.

Zim smiled. "Of course." The worker stood up to get a coffee for Dib and made it the way he had it last time.

Once he came back, he carried the coffee in one hand and a small box of fries in the other. He sat down, passing Dib his coffee and put the fries in the middle. "Thought we could share." Zim said sweetly, taking a fry and sticking it in his mouth gently and almost shyly. It felt weird eating around someone; the alien wasn't used to it anymore.
"Thanks, Zim." Dib said as he blew on his hot drink. Dib watched Zim eat in the corner of his eye, the human could tell Zim felt a bit uncomfortable.

Dib licked his lips and took a few fries, shoving them down his throat. "You know. That lie you told your friend doesn't have to be a lie..." Dib said slyly, hoping Zim would get his drift.

Zim's eyes went wide but very interested in what Dib was saying. A sly grin played across his lips as he rested his head on his folded hands, like he did before, being his cocky self.

Zim purred deeply in his throat. "Mmm....Zim likes the sound of that, Dib-babe." Zim purred out, sounding seductive once again. However, Zim had no clue he was behaving in such a way.

"What movie are you thinking about?" Zim asked, taking some fries in between his fingers as he stuffed them in his mouth. Zim blushed as he did so, trying to be neater when he ate.

Dib smirked, he knew he'd get that seductive reaction out of the irken with that idea. It was odd how natural the two 'flirted' but Dib questioned it not. He was happy to have a friend and it was Zim.

"Well there is this new movie about bacterial infections that eat away at human flash but the person is still alive...I thought it would be a cool movie." Dib said as he took a sip of his coffee, looking to see if Zim was at all interested in the movie.

Zim purred out excitedly, the purring going to a higher note then back down to its low seductive tone. "Sounds tortuous. Zim likes." Zim nodded, taking another fry. "Just because I'm no longer an Invader doesn't mean I don't like some sort of torture. I'm still Irken after all." Zim purred out with a sweet gentle sigh, a smile following right after it; making the irken look so peaceful as he ate some fries and spent time with Dib.
"Torture is awesome!" Dib said excitedly as he drank more of his coffee.

Zim smiled widely at Dib's little excitement about torture. It warmed Zim's heart, and also...Dib looked very cute when he got excited.

Zim was so happy to be with Dib and that they were going to spend more time together and go see a movie tonight. Zim perked up a bit. "When will you be picking up Zim, Tonight?" Zim asked, with a much quieter purr.

Zim purred a lot and Dib wondered why. Was it because he was happy, cats purred when they were happy; is it the same thing?

"I could pick you up after work but I'd like to get ready and stuff before we go." Dib blushed, he wanted to look his best at the movies; shower, fresh clothes, cologne. Oh god, he felt like he was going on a date! Was it ok to think that? Him and Zim only seen each other twice...but the other male was so...attractive and alluring, Dib couldn't help it.

Dib thought for a minute then he face went even redder. "I could pick you up at your house, warn you I don't have a car though, I use the city bus...a lot." Dib chuckled at himself at that fact.

Zim sighed, not impressed. "it's alright. I ride it a lot as well....too much for my liking. But luckily, less people are on at night." Zim said, with a spark of hope that the ride there on the bus won't be too torturous.

Zim pulled out a notebook from his pocket, writing down his address on the paper. Zim's hand writing was interesting, he wrote in all caps and his letters were very close together, but it still was readable. Almost like graffiti.

Dib stared at Zim's penmanship. It was so amusing to see, the alien had the most unique
way of writing. After Dib finished staring at the writing, Dib happily took the piece of paper from the other male.

'Oh God, I have his address.' Dib thought to himself. This was becoming more and more like a game of courting. Was Dib courting Zim? If he was, he might be doing a good job. The thought made Dib smirk.

"I don't live in a house, but a decent apartment. My room number is 5B. I'll be waiting there for you after work." Zim said with a friendly smile. "I just hope you aren't an axe murder!" Zim laughed, like he did before with a wide smile.

After his manic laugh, he went a bit more serious and worried. "You aren't, are you?" Zim asked, thinking about questionings from last night in his head once again. He really hoping Dib wasn't planning on killing him any time soon.

Dib looked at him when he said that. "Axe murderer? Does it look like I murder axes?" Dib said like a wink.

Zim smirked at Dib's joke, huffing with laughter. "Well, if you put it that way...Are you
an alien murderer?" Zim teased. "After all...You are the para-stupid in the room." Zim purred delightfully at Dib.

Para-stupid was one of Zim's nicknames to Dib when they were younger. He was only playing with the human of course, trying to be humorous back towards Dib.

Dib laughed at the old nick name. "You're part of the paranormal so you're para-stupid too! And no I don't murder aliens, I stalk least I used to anyways but now I know where you live...and work so expect to see me around a lot more!." Dib said poking Zim in cheek.

Then Dib noticed how soft Zim's skin was and without thinking the human began to stoke the alien's cheek gently with his thumb, amazed by its smooth texture.

Zim's cheeks began to heat up from Dib's stroking making Zim gently giggle nervously and he placed his hand over Dib's softly as he removed it slowly from his face.

Zim held Dib's hand in his, hunching his shoulders up nervously and shyly as he blushed. "I...I don't mind seeing you a lot more..." Zim said, before letting go of Dib's hand.

Dib gulped as he realized what he was doing, before he could remove his hand himself, Zim did it for him. To be honest the action broke the human's heart a little but he understood all the same.

Zim liked the stroking but it was just so different, abnormal, he didn't know what to do. He loved it very much, Dib's gentle touch but he also felt as if things were taking too much of a turn at that moment.

Zim then frowned weakly at Dib, with a gentle sweet quiet voice. "Just please, don't send me to the FBI or prove I'm an alien." He pleaded, with begging puppy dog eyes.
When Dib took his hand back, he looked away shamefully. He felt like such an idiot! Zim probably hated him for touching his 'superior' skin. Dib tried to push the guilt away and he tried not to get upset over the matter.

But it didn't help when Zim asked him not to call FBI on him. The human was so upset he
gave the alien an offended look but quickly changed his face to a more neutral one to hide his disapointment.

"Don't be stupid, I'm not into that shit anymore." Dib said almost sourly as he stood up. "Anyways, I probably took up a lot of your time since your break was done like 10 minutes ago" Dib pointed out as he picked up his bags in a hurry, suddenly wanting to leave.

Zim was beginning to panic once Dib was rushing to leave. 'Did Zim say something wrong?' Zim thought as he looked at Dib, a bit panicked and hurt.

"I'm not sure when I'll pick you up because I don't know when the movie will start but I
shouldn't be too late." the black haired boy said in a rush and tried not to look at the other.

Zim stood up quickly, wrapping his arms around Dib's torso as he hugged him tightly. Zim buried his face into Dib's shoulder and he held onto him. Zim didn't know what he was doing but he blamed it all on his panicking.

Dib was utterly shocked to feel a warm body smash against his. He was even more shocked when he felt the body hold him tight. The human never expected this from Zim, was it obvious that Dib was a bit upset?

The alien finally opened his eyes, pulling away with a heavy blush on his face as he looked up at the taller male. "S-Sorry. I...I uuh...You looked...warm..." Zim said awkwardly, coming up with a stupid lie making him blush more. "I mean! uuh...Oh screw it, I wanted to hug you." Zim said blushing madly as he stood there with his arms crossed, looking down shyly and a bit ashamed.

When Zim backed away with a dark blush, Dib blushed too. The alien was so cute, it made Dib regret being sour.

"Thanks, Zim." Dib chuckled nervously. "Just wait for me to pick you up tonight, ok?" Dib smiled to make the other male feel better.

Zim smiled back at Dib and nodded. Zim was kind of disappointed to not get a hug back, not sure if the hug was welcomed in the first place. Zim sighed at that, pushing away those thoughts for the time being. "Of course Dib-babe." Zim said, rolling the words off his tongue and purring it out. Zim liked saying it like that, it made it more natural to him.

The alien wanted to hug Dib again, and for much longer. This human body was so warm and alive. The warmth was so comforting and he hasn't been hugged ever sense GIR had died. Zim craved for Dib's body warmth greatly already; just wanting to crawl inside of his shirt and feel all over the human's warm skin.

After those deep thoughts of warmth, Zim's cheeks began to burn from them. Zim rubbed at his neck nervously as he looked up at Dib. Oh, Zim wanted him badly...He just knew it.

Dib smiled and took a deep breath as he patted his alien on the head before leaving the establishment.
Ouu, a longer chapter! I couldn't find a good place to end at the usual 2-3 pages.:iconpfftplz:
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