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Zim caught onto Dib's flirting, after giving him a bit of a confused look for a bit. Zim realized that strawberries were a 'sexual' thing, he had learned somewhat about it on T.V. Zim purred at Dib teasingly. "Oh, I could top that." He purred seductively, tapping his shoulder. He really meant 'I could tap that', another sexual joke he knew. Oh the T.V. was horrible for his mind, and he knew it.

"I think we should get some whip cream and waaarm fudge to drip...all over your sexy body, Dib-Baby." Zim purred, licking at his lips as he leaned into Dib a bit more with half lidded eyes. Zim rolled his tongue out, showing off how long it really was as he curled it up in the air before slithering it back in his mouth. "Not like you wouldn't want this long amazing tongue to slither alll over your body."

Zim loved teasing Dib, and the strange part felt so natural to do so. Flirting and talking a bit dirty to Dib felt normal. How odd? Zim thought to himself. Why was it so natural to him to flirt with his ex-enemy? He couldn't blame masturbating this he could only blame his feelings. He was falling for Dib. Why so quickly though? Was he just so despite to have someone in his life that he ended up falling for Dib?

Zim forgot about his thoughts for now, he wondered out long he could flirt with Dib before it out too uncomfortable for either of them. Zim gently placed his hand on Dib's shoulder, massaging it. "Prrr....You got some muscles Dib-sexy...I'm surprised you don't have women human-flithies drooling all over you...At least I get first row of this sexy show in front of me." Zim purred with half lidded eyes.

Oh, how will Dib react? It made Zim crack a smirk slyly. Zim squealed in his mind of excitement. Oh Dib, what have you gotten yourself into?

Dib gave Zim a questioning look as if to say 'oh yeah?' to the irken's challenge but when Zim mentioned whip cream, melted fudge and sexy body, Dib went stiff with embarrassment.
The alien was shamelessly better at this! Zim really hit the nail on the head about his tongue...all over...nngh, Dib thought. Dib shook his head; it was a joke, a game!

Then the other male touched him, like how Larren did but soo much better...and the words that followed were almost too much for this 20 year old to handle. Dib's face was beat red, making the human cover it with his hands.

"You win! You win, Zim!" Dib whined through his hands. Dib could never say those things and not because he didn't mean them but because it would be so embarrassing! But Zim was really good at it, to the point where Dib was deeply flattered. Apparently, the human was sexy; bonus!

Dib opened the door and gestured Zim to go in first, playing the 'gentleman' role instead of the 'pervyman' role.

Zim removed his hand and backed away a bit to throw his arms up in the air in victory. "YES! VICTORY FOR ZIIM!' Zim laughed and smiled widely to his victory of making Dib uncomfortable.

Zim walked into the door, saying a quick and quiet 'thanks' as he passed. Zim gently poked Dib's belly, giggling with joy. "I so had you Dib! You should have seen your cute embarrassed face! It was priceless! Zim is just full of small victories tonight. Hanging out with Dib, getting pop rocks, seeing a movie, and making you uncomfortable as hell!' Zim purred excitedly.

Oh, Zim was truly having a great time. He actually never wanted this night to end with Dib.

Dib groaned. "Yeah well...I'll beat you at something else!" Dib said childishly as he looked for the candy. The human blushed more when Zim said spending time with him was a victory and he looked at the happy alien.

"Is this really a victory for you cause I'm the one who asked you out, so in that sense it's a victory for me since you said yes!" Dib said all smug like, trying to get back some pride.

Zim stood there in thought, trying to come up with a comeback, but sadly...he came up with nothing. Fake indigo eyes now glared at Dib and one twitching with annoyance. "W-Well...shut your face!" Zim said, gently and playfully punching Dib on the shoulder.

Zim made his way to the candy since he spotted them first, the alien ran over to them and grabbed three of the blue Raspberry kind and held them to his chest, marching back up to Dib proudly. "Another victory! Still in the lead Dib-babe, try and keep up." Zim purred, running a hand down his chest. "And I'm still looking forward to the Pop Rock make out at some point." The irken teased with a giggle. He was joking, but wondered if Dib would take it seriously again

Dib laughed at Zim's failure to come up with a comeback then he watched the alien spot the pop rocks and rush back with some, gloating about his little victory.

Again Dib groaned, Zim won again and the alien wouldn't let the make out joke go. Dib blushed deeply as he started at the other male but then shook his head and patted Zim on the head with a laugh as he headed to the candy.

"Have you ever even made out before, alien?" Dib asked in mockery as he picked a few strawberry packs of pop rocks and head back to the other male with a questioning smirk.
Zim gave Dib a look that said 'Are you kidding me?' as if Dib was the stupidest thing on the planet. "No, of course not. Do you see me actually making out with someone? I hate humans, so of course I wouldn't want to make out with them, have sex with them, or have any romantic thing with them!" Zim said, sticking out his tongue in disgust.

Dib felt a little stupid for asking that but Dib was hurt nonetheless. He wanted to yell at the other male, 'IF YOU DON'T LIKE HUMANS THEN STOP ASKING TO MAKE OUT WITH ME! GEEZ!' Mixed messages much, the human thought. Dib forgot how nonsensical Zim could be. But Dib did not want to cause a scene or yell at Zim and tarnish their friendship so he kept calm.

Zim glanced at Dib out of the corner of his eye. Of course those things were...half a lie. He wouldn't do that kind of stuff to any human...only Dib. He mumbled under his breath, rubbing his neck a bit nervously as he said, "Only you." He said with a cough following it to hide it.

When Zim muttered under his breath, Dib rolled his eyes. The alien probably called the human more names.

"What about you Dib-thing? Have you make out, or had a romantic datey thingy with a human? Zim knows you didn't have sex yet." Zim said bluntly and plate out pointing out the facts.

Dib looked at Zim weird when the alien asked if he had made out before. The human was seriously debating whether he should lie or not but he didn't have the heart.
"No." Dib said casually as he passed the alien to pay for the candy. Then the human mimicked his irken friend. "I don't like aliens so I won't make out with them!" Dib teased, wondering if Zim would actually get offended by that.

'If you hate aliens, then why are you hanging out with Zim?" Zim teased back with a twisted smile and half lidded eyes. "I'm surprised you don't want to make out with this," He said, rolling his long tongue out and curling it up in the air teasingly.

Zim then went back to the questions. "So...You never dating, or kissed before. Have you had drank or did drugs or smoked before?" Zim asked curiously, wondering if Dib really had a life at all.

Dib just laughed at Zim's strange tongue. He wondered how the organ felt like or tasted like. It amazed the human since it could twist and bent, unlike human tongues.

"Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope and...No..." Dib said to the alien. "Never had an interest in them." the human said with a shrug. Then he took all of Zim's candies and smirked.
"I'm paying for these by the way." and with that Dib made his way to the counter where a little old foreign lady stood with a smile.

Zim stared at Dib wide eyed. Dib...really had no life. Dib, who was now 20 didn't drink, tried smoking, dated, had sex, or kissed anyone before! This, was shocking to Zim. Yeah, Zim was 100 years older, or more, but at least he drinks and tried smoking once, but hated it in the long wrong. But Dib was human! Wasn't normal for humans to try new things? Get out there. Get a life!

Zim huffed. "Man Dib! You don't have a life. Humans are known to try new things and get out there, right? At least I did two of those things! Drinking, and tried smoking once." Zim said, rolling his eyes. "Alright, one of these days, maybe even tonight, I'm taking you out to have your first drink. And you gotta ask someone out and kiss someone before you die!" Zim gently nudged his shoulder. "Humans die quicker than irkens do. Don't make your life more pathetic than it already is!" Zim said, trying to motivate Dib to have a life, and not waist his life on this planet. Make it worth something. Zim kinda felt like he was pep-talking himself as well. He needed to make his time here worth it; after all, he's stuck here.

Zim gave Dib the candy, not fighting against it. He had one too many victories for tonight, so he let Dib pay. Hoping that would be somewhat a victory for Dib. Otherwise, he would pay for himself or all of it, to be nice to the human. "Alright...You can pay...But I'm paying for dinner, and the beer if interested." He said with a sly purr.
Dib paid for their items and they went to go to the movie theater. The human understood where the alien was coming from but Zim failed to remember one thing.

"I know, but people only do that stuff if they have friends to do it you know I never had a single friend so I never bothered to 'go out and do something' because it's no fun doing fucked up shit alone, is it?" Dib asked the alien as he opened the door for Zim and followed the green boy.

Zim walked into the theater with Dib, not interested in the place but Dib as he kept his eyes of him. He smiled slyly, wrapping an arm around Dib and shook him a bit. "You have Zim now!" He said happily. "Now we can do fucked up shit together! However," Zim said removing his arm. "I don't want you to do drugs, or smoke...I was just curious if you ever did that stuff." He confessed.

"I'll drink tomorrow, at the party, so don't waste your money on beer for me, beers gross as balls anyways." Dib said as he eyed the place. It looked like a nice place, very dramatic with all the figures protruding from every which way then Dib looked at Zim with an amused look.

"Since when was 'having dinner' established?" Dib asked, he figured popcorn was a good enough dinner.

Zim huffed and stuck out his tongue teasingly. "Well if I knew you weren't planning on taking Zim out for dinner, than I would have eaten." He said, poking his belly again.

"If we have time after the movie, do you want to have dinner with the oh so amazing Zim?" Zim asked slyly.

Dib thought about the question. Where would they eat?

"Sure." Dib said with a shrug.

The two boys paid for their tickets and went to buy some popcorn. Dib wanted a lot of butter on his popcorn and he wasn't sure if he wanted their candy since it was so expensive so the human pouted and bought a bag of twizzlers.

"See why we got candy at the other store?" Zim said with a mocking laugh, as they walked up the hall to turn their tickets in.

The man at a booth took them, tore them, gave one half to the two males and told them where to go for the movie.

Zim nodded, taking Dib's arm and pulling him down the hall to the room where the movie was being held. Zim was very excited to see a movie. It's been so long. He was also very glad to be with Dib and break out of his emotionless shell and be his real self for once.
Moive Time!
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