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March 3, 2012
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In the movie theater it was dark, despite the previews playing. Dib frantically looked for a place to sit with his alien friend, alone but it was difficult with all the people there. It was a fairly new, and good, horror movie so Dib sadly understood why there were so many humans.

Dib wondered if Zim was ok with all these people in one place at once but then he remembered that the alien worked at a fast food restaurant. A good one at that. So the
alien must be used to all these humans...

Dib on the other hand, not so much. In fact the human was beginning to panic a little. He got like this on crowded buses too. Dib didn't want Zim to notice his paranoia but it was hard since the room was so crowded.

The human squeezed Zim's hand tightly as he dragged the alien up the raised seats, trying to get to the top corner. There was a family there in the same row but Dib walked passed them in the row and claimed the very back with a heavy sigh.

Zim blushed when Dib held and squeezed his hand. However, he didn't pull away, he really liked it actually. Zim felt his crushing love-stricken heart jump a beat at the gesture, making the alien purr out sweetly.

Dib forgot how crowed movie theaters could be. His human heart beat in his chest as he continued to squeeze Zim's hand, unaware that he still was.

Zim could feel Dib's tenseness through his hand, and even the look on the human's face.
Zim rubbed over his knuckles with his thumb to try and sooth Dib. "Dib...Are you feeling alright?" Zim asked, leaning up to his ear so Dib could hear him in the noisy theater. The movie hadn't started yet. With Zim's other hand, he placed it over the top of Dib's, gently rubbing it, trying to make Dib less tense, but he had a feeling he wasn't helping.

The idea of it would make Dib tense for sure. His male, best friend, rubbing his hand gently and sweetly like Zim was doing...that would make a man tense right? Mostly because of the fact they were just friends, and Zim had a strong feeling Dib didn't like him any more than a friend. Zim was fighting himself if he should let go of him or keep his hand there. His fingers twitched on top of Dib's hand questioningly. He calmed them down once more, stroking his hand. Not wanting to make Dib tenser from his own questioning and nervousness. If Dib didn't like it, he could pull away if he needed to.

Dib flinched when he felt soft talons stroke his hand then he looked to the source. Dib heard Zim ask if he was alright and the human was fine now.

"Yeah..." Dib said breathlessly in Zim direction. "I hate crowds." the human admitted and bowed his head a bit while adverting his honey eyes that seemed to shine in the darkness of the theater. He never told anyone that before but it wasn't like he had anyone to tell.
Then Dib noticed how close the two were, face to face, inches away. From the people behind them perspectives, Zim and Dib would look like they were...kissing. The thought made Dib blush madly.

The human looked up at Zim and smiled. "Thanks for asking though."

Zim purred, rubbing over Dib's hand more. "You are very welcome Dib...Just don't worry, they won't bite as hard as me." He teased with a twisted entrusting smile.

As the theater darkened, and the movie began to play, the theater went much quieter, only the sounds of people moving was heard.

Zim shifted his gaze on the movie, not wanting to let go of Dib's hand. It was so warm and soft. He tried to control his purring as the movie began to start.

Because it was a horror movie, half way through Zim would often flinch and tighten his grip on Dib's hand. With his spare hand, he covered one eye, to peek with his other eye. Once in a while, blood would squirt out of bodies, people screaming, and things would pop up and startle the poor scared alien. It was...all so real!

Zim jumped, yelping gently, and clinging to Dib's arm and hiding his face in his shoulder as quickly as the scary part popped up at everyone. Zim looked up at Dib with a heavy blush, also trying not to look scared, but the clinging was a dead give-away. "Heh...Zim isn't scared...I..I just thought you needed...some comfort from this...Oh god what is that?!" Zim said, glancing at the scene again, shortly after making another yelp and hiding his face into Dib's shoulder and neck, griping the human's arm and hand more.
Dib was enjoying Zim's reactions to the movie way more than the movie itself!

To be honest, Dib never expected Zim to cling all over him from all the unnecessary glore. pop-ups were understandable since Dib jumped at those as well. The human loved having a cute little alien hanginf on him for protection.

At all the horrid death scenes, Dib stuffed his face with popcorn and laughed. Then the human turned to Zim, who was facing quite the episode.

"Oh yeah, I need all the comfort I can get~" The human said a tad seductively. He looved the alien touching him, it was very nice.

And when Zim asked questions, Dib tried his best to answer them. "His skin is fully infected therefore, you can't see it all. He's going to die really soon." Dib said with a sadistic undertone to his voice, he loved horror movies and Zim just made them even more enjoyable!

A scene played were the female protagonist had her whole arm and half her chest skin gone, her breast fat couldn't even stay in place, therefor falling off, causing the girl to panic. Dib liked the main character, she was a hot bad ass girl with dignity but Dib couldn't help but wince at her boob falling out.

"That's messed..." Dib said as he took a long sip of pop and looked at Zim. "Enjoying yourself?" the human asked slyly.

Zim could hear everything, and that just made him wince. Even the sounds brought images into his mind. He groaned once Dib told him the scenes, rubbing his face into his neck more.

Zim peeked out to watch some parts of the movie, getting uncomfortable shivers roll up and down his spine as he watched the women be torn apart. He stuck his tongue out, as it lightly glazed over Dib's neck. He blushed at that, but ignored it.

The scared alien looked up at Dib with a scared look. "Yes, I am enjoying myself." He said slyly back. "In many ways." He purred out seductively, pulling Dib's arm closer to him as he nuzzled into his neck more. Personally, he loved Dib's warm body to snuggle up against. He used it to shield his eyes, but also a sense of comfort.

Dib gasp a little when he felt Zim's tongue against his skin, it then sent a delightful shiver all over the human.

Zim was distracting Dib from the movie, his breathing quickened and he felt hot everywhere. Dib has never felt like this before, he was curious of the experience but scared since he didn't know how to react or what to do. And Zim's smooth and seductive voice was not helping.

Dib felt Zim shivering and squirming against him so he turned onto his side and rubbed the alien's side, laughing with a deep blush. All this touching...

"Is the movie too much for the amazing invader? I thought you liked this stuff?" Dib said dreamily as Zim nuzzled his neck and claimed his arm.

Cuddling in a theater, yup, they were true friends. This moment made Dib wanted the alien so much more it was unbearable.

Zim purred and curled his lips into a loving smile. He was getting more from the Dib than he had expected. Dib was rubbing his side, and oh...It made Zim so happy. He was trying to hold back a moan, but it came out a choked purr. He swallowed and cleared his throat, nuzzling into Dib gently.

"Mmm...I do love this kind of stuff, but...less, ya know...poppy-uppy." Zim purred. "But this, right here, will do fine for now.' Zim said dreamily, talking about the sweet and gentle cuddling they were doing. Zim uncurled his fingers away from Dib's hand, only to shift in a more comfortable position. He still leaned against his shoulder but faced the movie to watch it. He purred happily, trying to hold his growing smile on his face.

Dib smiled happily at Zim and continued to watch the movie with the purring alien.
More movie watching~
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