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March 7, 2012
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After more scary pop-ups and flinches from the alien, the movie ended as it showed the credits. Zim sighed and stood up, stretching his arms out and groaning but he smiled satisfied and quite goofy as well.

"Mmm...That was a great movie." Zim said, arms over his head as he heard his back pop quite loudly. Dib stretched as well with a yawn. The movie was good but watching with Zim was sooo much better.

"Hope you didn't mind me laying all over's just me trying to get in your pants. I wasn't scared." Zim joked with his goofy and overly joyful smile.

Dib blushed madly, shifting his weight nervously. He knew it was a joke but for him, it was something he kind of wanted, despite his fear of intimacy. It was different with Zim yet it was so foreign wanting someone so bad.

Zim saw Dib get a bit nervous, shifting on his feet and blushing. The alien sighed and dropped his arms. "Ya know Dib, if my flirting makes you feel uncomfortable, Zim can stop." Zim said, reassuringly.

Dib's eyes went wide and he waved his hands in defence. "No! No, I just...I don't know how to respond...since umm..." Dib looked around for some reason and then back to Zim and scratched his neck nervously. Dib wanted so bad to tell Zim had he felt for the alien in that moment but he just couldn't.

Instead the human laughed. "God, I'm probably making you really awkward with my nervousness...Sorry." the black haired boy apologized.

Zim shook his head and laughed gently. "No Dib, it's fine. I understand why you would feel nervous. Zim is coming off strong, I'll tone it done." Zim said, a bit disappointingly but more with himself.

Zim loved flirting with Dib, it felt nice and natural. It was great fun watching Dib get so embarrassed; it was adorable. Zim liked Dib very much and this was Zim's obvious way of hinting it to Dib but he didn't want Dib to feel uncomfortable either because what if Dib didn't like Zim in that way? What if Zim was just scaring him off little by little with his flirting and clinging?

After leaving the building, Dib could tell Zim was a tad upset. Dib didn't want that, he didn't want Zim hiding anything from him!

Dib grabbed Zim's hand gently and gave it a squeeze. "Don't conceal yourself, be yourself around me, always. I love it, I just have to get used to a sexy little alien hitting on a geek like me." the human said with a wink and intertwined their fingers, he didn't care if they were friends, the human wanted to comfort the other as best as he could.

Zim flinched a bit once Dib held his hand, a heavy blush growing on his face. This didn't feel like friendship behavior, more like a couple's behavior. Zim gasped lightly, looking up at Dib with wide shocked eyes.

Did Dib...really think that of Zim? Zim thought to himself. Zim could barely believe the words coming from Dib's lips. Was Zim really sexy?

Zim squeezed Dib's hand, fingers rubbing over his knuckles gently. "D-Dib..." Zim wanted to say something. Say, Dib was being so foreword, it was strange. Or confess his love for him, but he just couldn't. He looked down at their hands, still shocked for some odd reason. They already held hands and cuddled…but this felt…different.

Zim sighed, walking beside Dib. The green male's perky mood went down just a bit with his lame self. He was just so confused and utterly lost,

"What do you want for dinner? I know a great little Diner down the street from my apartment. But we can eat anywhere you want. I just want you to be fed." Zim smiled weakly but sweetly, gently poking Dib's belly once again and patting his thin little belly.

"I'll go where ever you take me." The human said with a warm smile, rubbing where Zim had poked him.

"Then, let's go to the Diner. It's close to my apartment." Zim smiled up at Dib happily.

The two males went on the bus again and Dib had a nagging feeling in his gut. It was telling him that he had to tell his one and only friend that he had a crush on him.

Dib looked to the alien who looked distracted by his own thoughts.

Would Zim freak out by a cute little confession from Dib? Zim had no issue with flirting but maybe that was how Zim communicated comfortably?

Dib shook his head a little; the human will just sit through the confusion until Zim cleared it. Not out of laziness but Dib understood that Zim has had so many hardships and just needed a friend to be here for him. Dib could do that much for the alien.

As they got off the bus and Zim lead Dib to the diner.

Zim and Dib walked together, still hand and hand as they made their way to the Diner down the street. Zim felt as if he wanted to skip along the sidewalk and purr loudly with joy with Dib in his hand. Like a small child.

Zim held back that urge, but he did have a jump in his step as he walked. Once they got to the Diner, Zim walked into it. It was an old fashioned Diner under the name of 'Busy Bees'. The theme of it had many bee plush toys on some booths and window sills but also had old fashioned posters of Marilyn Marnoe, and Elvis Presley on their walls.

The diner looked homey to Dib and he got a big sense of welcoming from everyone there. The human felt good having Zim with him, it made him feel like Zim was an important 'family' like figure and therefore they have come here to show all the other homey customers that connection. Dib thought this was the weirdest feeling he has ever had but he couldn't help but smile to himself for being so weird.

Zim and Dib sat themselves down in the empty Diner at a two seated table. A waitress came out from behind the bar with a wide happy smile.

"Well well well! Zim is back! Everyone here has missed you. "She said in a friendly voice. " I see you brought a friend for once, Mr. Lonely." She smiled at Dib, as she gently placed a hand on Zim's shoulder, rubbing it gently.

Zim blushed deeply at this. Making everything very awkward, Zim didn't want Dib to think he was dating this older woman, who was in about her 40s, or anything.

Ever since Zim had moved into the apartment, he has been eating here because of their great waffles with runny wet strawberries and whip cream.

The Diner wasn't just a business, but a family. Days and months of coming here, Zim had noticed the workers friendships to the people you came in daily; most of them older men, who sat at the bars. They were very nice and friendly to the waitresses there.

Zim had always been envious of this job. It must feel great to have a family business like this. a place everyone got along. A place that was homey. McMeaty's was a great place but didn't have the same friendliness as Busy Bees.

Zim had become, you could say, 'friends' with most of the workers. He 'somehow' knew the dishwasher guy, who always mistaken Zim as another guy who had a van, two chiwawas, two daughters and one son and was very religious. However, Zim was NONE of those things and just played along. Knowing more and more about the man he played.

And then this big mouth, cheery 40 year old waitress. She was nice, but always touched Zim and other costumers, in a friendly inviting away of course. Zim got used it to over the years.

"I'll get you the usual, right Zim? Strawberry waffles and a cherry coke?" She asked.

Zim nodded with a blush. "Of course. Th-thanks." He said nervously. Odd showing their closeness to each other around Dib.

When the nice lady greeted Zim and had a good connection with him, Dib smiled. It was odd but Zim had more friends than Dib. The human talked to no one outside from work besides Gaz.

She smiled at Dib, laying down a Menu for him. "I'll bring a glass of water for you, sir." She smiled, patting Zim's back.

Dib thanked the cheery women when she told him of his drink of water she would be getting him and then the human looked at the menu then Zim's face.

Zim blushed and looked down at the table embarrassed, playing with his fork nervously. The alien was still blushing, very embarrassed and Dib chuckled.

"Why do you look so embarrassed Zim?" Dib asked in sheer curiosity. The human thought that maybe having a 'friend' there with all your other friends was embarrassing? But Dib wanted Zim to answer instead of making silly assumptions, the alien wouldn't have brought Dib here if it would be awkward, right?

Zim looked up at Dib, a bit shocked. He thought he would think that the waitress and Zim had dated or were dating, or he would get jealous.

Zim sighed, thinking he was just paranoid. All he wants is Dib to love him, and didn't want Dib to get jealous by him having close friendships with girls.

But then again...he said he didn't love humans in anyway, and wanted nothing to do with them. Zim's heart sank. That just made it most unlikely for him to be with Dib, because he had told him that.

"Oh...It's just embarrassing. Having her show her kindness while your here...It's just odd, to Zim. I've never been here- or anywhere, with a friend." Zim shrugged, blush fading away from his paranoia.

Dib laughed sweetly at Zim's paranoia.

"I understand, it is kind of odd since you used to hate every human being on the planet...for obvious reasons." Dib said rolling his eyes playfully then looked at his menu. He had no idea what to get.

Dib frowned and scratched his head in confusion. There were soo many things; the human was indecisive with these kinds of places.

Zim stuck his tongue out at Dib. "Just be glad I don't hate you. I actually like you very much Dib." Zim said with a sweet tone and gentle blush. He felt like he was confessing his love to him.

The waitress came back with the plate of waffles. It was as big as the plate, with whipcream all over it and strawberries. Zim licked his lips happily. "Thanks." He said, as he began to eat.

The waitress looked at Dib. "Are you ready to order, yet?"

Dib's heart beat faster at Zim's words. Was that a sign or something? Was Zim hinting at anything? The thoughts popped into Dib's head but he shook them out. It was obvious to Dib that Zim liked him, they wouldn't be hanging out if they didn't. The alien was just being friendly, there was no need to over think, Dib thought to himself.

Dib was about to say something but Zim's order came and the human was asked for his order. Dib quickly looked at the first thing he saw on the menu.

"I'll have the pancake special..." Dib said unsurely but figured it was ok to eat breakfest food for dinner once and a while.

The waitress nodded. "Anything to drink?" She asked with a cheery smile.

Zim was eating his waffles with a gently loving purr. A warm blush was on his face from the whip cream and strawberries...reminding him of Dib and his conversation about covering his body with sweets.

"Iced tea, please" Dib said politely.

When the lady left with a nod and a smile, Dib looked at Zim's food. "Is it good?" the human asked as he laid his head lazily on his arm that was flat against the table, like a pillow but kept his eyes on the alien.

Zim purred with a fallowing hum. "Mmm...Yes it is. Does the strawberries and whip cream remind you of anything?" Zim purred seductively, flicking his tongue out with half lidded eyes.

Zim purred not like a cat, but some other creature. It was like a purr and coo combined, which sounded very alien like. Zim cocked his head to the left, cooing curiously as he reached his hand out to Dib's head.

Dib was about to answer Zim's question, knowing exactly what it reminded the human of but the strange purring Zim made caused Dib to double take. He had never heard Zim purr like that, it was so unique and intriguing.

Zim's hand went running up Dib long black stalk of hair, parting through it with his fingers, gently running his fingers through it down to his scalp. "Mmm...What an interesting piece of human." Zim said, more to himself as he played with Dib's hair, as if Dib wasn't even there at the moment.

As Zim's hand combed through Dib's hair, the human's eyes fluttered shut. What bless. No one has ever touched Dib's hair. To be honest, Dib never expected Zim to touch his head like this but the human was glad Zim was.

Zim rubbed his head gently, thumb gently rubbing his forehead. Zim leaned closer, cooing and purring curiously at the humans skin and hair. " are very interesting to Zim." Zim said, as if very distant.

Zim's musings about Dib being interesting made the human wonder just HOW interesting Zim found him. Dib was overjoyed to hear that someone found him so interesting. Dib could definitely say the same for Zim that was for sure.

Zim hadn't notice his sudden invasion of Dib's space. He gently stroked his hair and forehead with his thumb. Zim blinked out of this daze. Blushing a bit, he gently and slowly pulled away. "You look tired Dib." Zim said, blushing darkly.

The alien had just realized what he was doing, but tried to act normal as if he knew what he was doing it the whole time. Zim was very confused at himself. He never had this sudden urge just, go up and touch Dib's head! Zim swallowed, worried about his mind that must be rotting away with insanity.

Dib whined when Zim stopped playing with his hair to tell the human he looked tired. Dib sat up so he could give the alien a pouting face.

"I forgot how bad of a liar you are Zim." Dib said with his arms folded across his chest. The human had a few questions for the alien; a test.

Zim huffed. "That was a statement, not a lie. Unless you aren't tired...but it wasn't a lie on my behalf." He nodded, with a twisted smirk, trying to one up Dib like when they were younger.

Zim suddenly felt uncomfortable with Dib's frown and crossed arms, thinking he had displeased him with his touching. Zim bit his lip a bit nervously. Was Dib going to hate him now because of that?

Dib shook his head and nested his chin on his intertwined fingers as his elbows rested on the small table, supporting Dib's head.

"No, you're a little liar. see me as some kind of exception." the human said with a twisted smirk, avoiding telling the alien what he was referring to. Dib wanted to confuse Zim, see if he could get something hidden out of the green child and get inside that foreign head of his.

Zim cocked his head to the side, giving Dib a very confused look. "What do you mean Dib? Are you tired or are you not?" Zim said, wondering why Dib was being so difficult with this. "It's all I'm curious about." He shrugged, still looking at Dib with a puzzled look.

Dib narrowed his eyes in some sort of suspicion. Zim was really clueless or maybe just forgetful. But how could the alien be stuck on the same topic? It amused Dib greatly.

"Oh I'm tired alright." Dib said with a confident nod. "Tired of your lies!" Dib said as he leaned closer to the alien.

"Like why you touch me a lot but said you'd never touch a human cause you think they're are gross or something." Dib pouted as he whined. "It's really confusing."

Zim was very confusing and it didn't help Dib stay on the friendship level like he promised himself he would. Zim didn't seem like he wanted anything more but his body language told another story and Dib couldn't say one was right over the other.

Zim stared at Dib straight faced. He knew what Dib was doing; digging out the truth. Dib used to do this to the alien a lot when they were little...he is very used to it.

"Oh. I never want to touch any human, I barely want to have anything to do with them...that, Dib-friend, is no lie. However...I see you differently. I don't see you as a are different than them. Always have been. Your smart, strong willed, and heh...much more. And the reason why I touch you is because, Zim has never touched anyone before...No one was as warm, as soft, as...gentle, and as comforting as you. Zim is comfortable around you. Minus the fact Zim hates humans, their bodies are interesting. The skin with little micro bumps, the hair that grows from their interesting. Maybe I'm just curious about your body like a test subject...or maybe I see it as a warm blanket to snuggle up to at night." Zim purred, leaning closer to Dib, faces inches away from each other.

The proximity of their faces made Dib flatter a little but he listened to Zim's reply carefully. He smiled for a bit when Zim talked so openly about how he saw Dib personally. Dib had to say, he was flattered and amazed at the things Zim was able to say but the human winced a little when Zim referred to him as a test subject but then brushed it off since he used to see Zim as the same thing long ago, plus Dib really liked the sound of being the alien's warm blanket.

"But I don't see you stopping me. What about the time you held Zim's hand...You meant it...You wanted to hold my hand...Why? Zim felt your passion for you in the touch. You have feelings for Zim?" Zim lapped his tongue out, inches away from his nose.

Dib froze when Zim started questioning Dib's 'intentions' and he was about to protest about hold hands until Zim uttered the dreaded question 'Do you have feelings for Zim?' Dib froze with uncertainty.

Zim then pulled away with a soft giggle and a purr. Eyes half lidded. "I know what you are doing Dib...digging for the truth...but Zim is just as good at clawing through you for information." Zim purred with a twisted smirk on his face, eyes locked with Dib's.

"I'll make you break first. Zim knows it. Zim always wins." Zim giggled and licked the whip cream off his waffles a bit seductively.

Dib was always, always, up for a challenge and one from Zim was the best kind for the human.

Dib leaned against his seat and eyed the alien with a smirk on his face. "I'm up for a challenge, space boy. I won't go down easily this time. I'm mentally prepared for what you throw at me and I'll show you, after all I am the human here, meaning naturally I have an advantage over you with this stuff." The human said with all the cockiness he could muster up since he really needed it.

Dib was an awkward fuck with no ability to dirty talk with even himself, if people even do that. The 20 year old haven't ever masturbated before but he'd be damned if he lost against an alien in a war love/affection or whatever this war was.

Dib just had to beat Zim, bottom line!
Longest chapter~
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