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March 14, 2012
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Dib headed to the table where the broken SIR unit lay. It was a sorry sight indeed. It just wasn't Gir; he was such a lively character despite his retardation.

After studying the robot, Dib sat on Zim's couch and patiently waited for the alien to join him.

Zim sat down on the couch with Dib, holding his hand as he looked at GIR. He sighed disappointingly, then looked back at Dib with weak smile.

"So...What do you want to do?" He asked, a bit shyly.

Dib looked at Zim curiously. "Whatever you want to do." he said with a smirk, suddenly the alien was shy, so cute.

Zim blushed. "Heh...well...I have some ideas." He said, leaning into Dib a bit, snuggling into his side and resting his head on his shoulder. "I-I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable."

Dib snuggled up to the alien and hummed lightly to himself. "Of course not, I hope you don't mind just laying like this for a bit..." the human said dreamily, loving the feeling of Zim against him. It was such a wonderful feeling and Dib wanted to bask in it for a while.

Zim smiled happily and purred. "We can...but," Zim moved away to pull off his wig and contacts. He smiled widely at Dib, staring at him with his pinkish red eyes. He then snuggled back into him, getting much closer. He wrapped his arms around Dib's, playing his hands in Dib's lap gently. Zim purred with his long antennas perking up a bit.

Dib couldn't help but get excited at the sight of Zim's true self.

"It is weird that I like you better as an irken?" Dib said as he cuddled close to the green male, facing him with a smile.

Dib watched with amusement as the stalks rose up, he had an urge to touch them but went against it.

"No~ It just means more to me." Zim purred with happy smile as he nuzzled into Dib's chest as he laid on him.

"Is it weird that I love you better as a human?" Zim said with a giggle. "Heh- But I would still love you if you were something else too." Zim purred, licking Dib's neck gently with shut eyes.

"" the human asked as the alien licked his sensitive skin, rubbing his hands all over the alien.

The word love made the human's heart speed up, no one has ever told him that before. Did the alien mean love as the one shared between two individual's that is impossible to find or…lust?

All Dib knew was that he was getting a little aroused all of a sudden. They were alone and they were touching and Dib was so new at this.

But he needed to focus and he won't do anything jarring to the alien, take things slow.

Zim blushed deeply and pulled away. "O-Oh...I di-did say love? Heheh...Well, I guess I lost the game." Zim blushed and looked away shyly with a gentle smirk.

Zim was referring to when they were trying to force the other to adimit their love for each other. And Zim and Dib did it with a kiss, but to actually say it meant a lot more. Zim had lost, but he hoped it was a good lost.

Wrapping his arms around Dib's neck he leaned into him and gazed at him, still blushing darkly and looking very shy. "I hope you don't mind if I say...that I" Zim blushed, looking away from Dib now, but still laid on top of his Dib.

Dib's face went bright red and he looked deeply into the other male's eyes; no faults. Zim...loved him...Zim loved him!

"Zim, I..." before Dib could finish anything, he squeezed the alien tightly.

It was the most overwhelming feeling to the human, physically and mentally. Dib hugged Zim tightly "I love you too, alien scum."

After a few seconds Dib looked back at Zim and kissed the alien lovingly.

"You've made my life, Zim. You've always have, you know that." Dib said, kissing the alien again and again, practically smothering the other male with affection.

Zim cooed and purred with a high tone, making it sound sort of like a girly squeal. Zim wrapped his arms around Dib's neck and kissed Dib off beat until their kisses met perfectly and the kiss deepened.

Zim melted into the kiss, his antennas that were once perking up from the quick playful kisses and being so excited, finally soothed down to the back of head, lightly twitching for attention. He closed his eyes as he pulled Dib close to him.

Zim was lost in the kiss, lost in the love that Dib was giving him, his hands rubbing around the side and back of Dib's neck. He loved Dib's warm body, so he pressed his chest against Dib's to get more of the warmth. He rubbed his lips against Dib's as he planted more passionate kisses on his human's fine perfect lips.

Dib racked his dull nails down the alien's skin, moaning a little into the kiss.

Then Dib pushed them to sit up the couch and dig into his back pockets, and then he handed two packets to Zim with a grin.

"I think we should put these to good use, hmm?" Dib said as he licked and sucked the corners of Zim's lips, anticipating their near future activities.
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