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March 21, 2012
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Dib woke up the next day feeling groggy as usual. He got out of bed, washed his face in an attempt to wake himself up and made pancakes for himself. He had time to spare and wished he had Zim's phone number since the alien was probably up by now...but that reminded the human that he told Zim he'd ask his dad for help with Gir.

The black haired male nervously looked at the phone, debating whether he should call now or not. Now was better than later and Membrane would be up at this time. Dib swore he father never slept.

And to be honest...Dib missed his the male picked up the phone and dialed his old home phone number, praying the man would pick up.

"Hello?" came Membrane's strong voice.

"Hi, dad." Dib said nervously.

"Son?" Membrane said in slight shock.

"Yeah, it's me,'ve you been lately?" Dib asked.

"Good, Good, haven't heard from you in some time Dib!" Membrane said with a light laugh.

"Well, you could call me anytime, you know!" Dib said in an irritated voice but tried to conceal it.

"Ah yes, but you know how it is son, always busy!" Membrane said, his voice always sounded excited for some reason.

"I know dad." Dib said with a sigh. "I was wondering something..."

"Hmm?" Dib's dad said in interest. "What is it Dib?"

" friend has a robot and-" Dib was interrupted.

"A robot you say?" Membrane sounded even more interested.

"Yes, Dad, a robot, now let me finish. The robot used to work but now it doesn't so I was hoping that maybe your technology could fix it?" Dib asked.

Membrane thought for about a millisecond. "Of course it can! In the name of all that is science, that robot will be fixed!" the old man's voice boomed.

"That's um can we stay over for the weekend or something, we want this done a.s.a.p. "Dib said.

"Oh no...I'm out this weekend, in fact I must leave…now!" Membrane said in a hurry.

"Ok, wait dad! I have a spare key, do you mind if I come over with Zim?" Dib asked in hope his father thought Dib was responsible enough.

"Oh, I don't know Dib, I-"

Dib cut the old man off. "Aw common dad! I used to LIVE there for Christ sake! I'm 20 now! Not 10!"

"Wait a minute! Did you say...Zim? Your foreign friend?" Membrane said.

"...Yes?..." Dib said cautiously.

"Oh, well then of course you can come and watch over the house" Membrane said excitedly.

"Hey!" Dib interjected. So because Zim was coming Dib could go? What the hell was that!

"Just don't break anything! Tell your little green friend I say hello! Good bye son!" and with that Membrane hung up, clearly in a rush.

Dib stared at the phone with an eyebrow raised then hung up with a shrug of his shoulders. At least he could bring Zim and fix Gir, which was all that mattered.

After the phone call, Dib headed to a nearby bus stop and waited for his bus.

Zim woke up at 6:30, and now he was sitting on the couch staring at the T.V., watching kid cartoons for the shit and giggles.

Zim's antennas twitched, trying to get comfortable on his head. Zim sighed, staring bored at the T.V., not really watching it as he thought about his own life.

The alien just couldn't wait until tonight or lunchtime to see his love again. He wondered what it would be like at the office party. It was a work business, so he guessed it would be very formal and dual. Maybe some small talk between co-workers, or lame talk about golf or something stupid.

He sighed, flicking the button in the middle of his crotch that was on his boxers. At least Dib would be there and it should be fun, Zim thought to himself as he played with the button. Undoing it and doing it back again out of boredom until the clock hit 7:30.

Zim got up from the couch, got dressed for work, ate breakfast, brushed his odd teeth, and made sure to grab a bag of formal-ishly nice clothes for the party later that night. Making sure he had some smelly spray which smelled like fruit and candy. (It's women perfume) So he wouldn't smell like McMeaty's at the party.

Zim opened the door to head for work. Cursing to himself as it began to poor down with heavy rain and a deep dark ray sky. "Fuck!" Zim went back inside to change his work shoes into rain boots. Which were neon green with pink pok-a-dots.

He put this work shoes at the bottom of his bag and tied the plastic bag up tight so his clothes wouldn't get wet.

Grabbing his thick warm rain jacket which was a pretty purple and his rainbow pok-a-dot bubble umbrella. The super protective alien also grabbed a pink snow hat that had flaps for ears he didn't have, and a pink and black stripped scarf with matching gloves he had to fix to fit his three fingers. He wrapped everything around him tightly, not wanting ONE drop to touch his green skin.

As he walked down to the street to work, many people could have taken the alien male as a woman, and a very pretty one at that with how he walked and his pretty slightly curved shape.

Dib wined when it started to rain and he had to get off the bus.

The human was soaked when he got into the building, causing Mitchel to laugh at him and Dib glared at the human before going off to fetch a towel. While doing so, Dib ran into Larren again but she was talking to Josh.

Dib hurried his way to the janitor's closet to get a clean towel and vigorously dried himself. Still damp, Dib frowned. He needed an extra pair of clothes.

"Hello." Came Larren's voice.

Dib jumped at the sound, he thought he was alone. "Oh, uh hey."

"Oh my, you're all wet, Dib! Get caught it the rain?" Larren laughed with concern. Dib blushed as the women fiddled with his work shirt.

"Heh, y-yeah...I feel gross." Dib laughed nervously.

Larren thought hard for a moment, trying to help Dib in some way.

"You can't stay like this, not for the party, no, no, no, no, no~" Larren said playfully as she dragged Dib somewhere.

"Um, I guess not, but um where are you taking me?" Dib said nervously.

"There's a closet where they keep spare clothes for workers." Larren told the black haired human.

"But isn't that the...used clothes closet?" Dib asked in fear.

"Yes, but it all gets washed, don't worry." Larren said with a smile towards Dib's pale face. The human boy didn't want to wear used clothes!

"But-" Dib protested but Larren cut him off happily showing him the place.

"Here, let me help you, what's your size?" Larren asked but went ahead and looked down the back of Dib's shirt and pants.

Dib froze in place and made nervous sounds in his throat like Zim when he purrs.

After Larren checked Dib's sizes she went through the clothes. "I wash these myself wit the help of julie so I know they are clean."

Dib was relieved to hear that.

"Here you go sweetie." Larren smiled as she handed Dib the new, dry clothes.

"Thanks." Dib mumbled with a blush, Larren was like a mother to him, almost, the closest Dib was ever going to get to a mother figure than anyone else. It freaked the younger male out that such a women 'wanted' Dib sexually. Dib really hoped that wasn't the case, he had a boyfriend now!

"Now, go get changed, silly." Larren said as she patted Dib's shoulder and Dib nodded, heading to a nearby washroom.
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