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Dib walked back to his work desk and worked away. Well, he tried to. Zim was invading his mind. The human wondered so many things about the alien like what he was like under his clothes or what he thinks about dating a human. To Dib, Zim was more than happy which made Dib happy, oddly enough but nonetheless, that was all Dib needed to be satisfied.

Zim smiled widely when he went back to work. Day dreaming about his loving and wonderful boyfriend. He couldn't wait for the weekend to spend more time with him. Hang out on the couch and talk about things, and maybe, even make out a bit.

Liz came by to gently tap Zim's shoulder, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Well well well, Zimmy seems to have a boyfriend, am I right?" Liz asked with a grin, which seemed fake.

Zim smiled down at her. "Yes," He said dreamily. "Dib is the most perfect human boyfriend ever...I love him so much." Zim purred happily, not giving two shits that Liz was there.

Liz rolled her eyes. "Don't get too cocky. You said you guys were enemies at first, right? Did he ever beat you?" Liz asked concerned.

Zim's love dazed smile slowly began to fade as he thought about that. "Uuh...Yes, but he has changed-"

Liz glared at Zim. "So?! Zim, don't trust a guy like that! They never change. Trust me, I've had my share of men like that. They say they love you, and treat you great, but one mistake and they beat you like there is no tomorrow!" Liz pushed his shoulder roughly. "Don't do this to yourself, Zim. Why are you dating your enemy? And if you guys called each other enemies, there must be STILL a hint of hate still between you guys!" She stabbed a finger into Zim's bony flat chest.

Zim frowned down at her, batting her small hand away. "We love each other! He would never hurt me..." Zim said weakly, because truly- he was unsure himself now.

"Has he proved he loves you? Has he truly proved you with the deepest love he could ever give you. I'm not talking sex, Zim. Tell me how he proved it." Liz said seriously, face with no expression.

Zim thought hard, staring deep into her eyes. He swallowed sharply. "...No...I-I'm not sure if he did...He's kissed me...And...promised to fix GIR." Zim said quietly as he backed into his shoulders, in shame. Now scared that this relationship with turn into enemyship once again.

Liz frowned. "A kiss and promise isn't enough, Zim. Unless he actually tries to fix GIR, he might be worth your trouble...But make sure he is doing it not to get in your pants, but for your love!" Liz frowned at Zim and huffed, poking at his chest before leaving to work at the fries.

Liz couldn't stand being by Zim any longer. Liz was mad at him for falling in love with his enemy, but most of all she was jealous that Zim was no longer single and won't have a chance to be with her.

Dib had to work on making important dates for his boss again. His boss was one busy guy Dib said sympathetically. Then Dib remembered that he had to pick Zim up, he looked up at his clock and he still had a half an hour.

Dib decided to ask now anyways, so he got up from his desk, quickly ask another worker to look after his desk and headed to his boss' office.

As usual, Dib knocked on the door and poked his head though.

"Commin." The old man with a cigar in his mouth said while looked at some file.

"Hey, it's Dib. Um I was wonder if I could pick up my friend at 5, it'll take only 10 minutes." Dib said, not wanting to get into too much detail.

Mr. Buary gave Dib a questioning look then asked "And this is for the party I'm assumming?"

"Yes. His work ends earlier than mine so could he just stick around until the party starts?" Dib asked, begging with all his might that his boss didn't suddenly go all assy on him.

"Sure thing Dib. Now finish my schedule so I can take it home after the party, that's all I ask." The old man said, not once looking up and Dib.

"Great, consider it done sir. Thanks!" Dib said as he left the room and walking back to his desk to finish the schedule a little more before picking up Zim.

Zim looked at the time from his spot on the floor. Liz by his side as they did their daily routine. Coffee and fries as work began to die down.

"Dib is picking me up in half an hour." Zim said with a frown. Liz had gotten him all worked up about that beating thing. Dib wouldn't do that...Right?

Liz shared the same frown. She played a hand on his shoulder. "Zim," She said kindly to get his attention. Zim's eyes locked with Liz's. "I care about you Zim, and I don't want you to get hurt. So please, if he ever hurts you please break up with him or something." She said with pleading eyes.

Zim nodded weakly, not really agreeing with her. "Fine...I will if he ever hurts me." Zim said, looking away shamefully and hurtfully.

Minutes went by as they sat there, with no words until Liz asked, "So, are you really gay?" She asked in an almost heartbroken tone.

Zim nodded. "Yes, I am. Otherwise I wouldn't be dating him."

Liz sighed disappointingly. "Alright, I was just curious."

Zim got up to change for the party and clean himself up a bit.

"Hey, can you take over my place for like 10 minutes?" Dib asked Mitchel but Dib didn't really expect answer. Mitchel was only the one to do that for Dib.

"Oh yeah, says the one who wouldn't help with the food earlier." Mitchel said sourly while crossing his arms over his puffed out chest.

Dib rolled his eyes. "I already helped for the party! I did all the damn decorating, give me a break." Dib snapped back.

"You know, I don't know what Larren sees in you man, yous a jerk." Mitchel complained as he sat in Dib's chair.

"She's not after my personality, dummy." Dib said plainly. The 20 year old didn't like that the 25 year old's reaction.

"So you noticed huh? She tell you!?" Mitchel said in interest now. Again, Dib rolled his eyes and shifted his weight to one leg.

"Nooo...but she's getting touching." Dib said with shifty eyes.
Mitchel laughed and Dib decided that that was a good time to leave and pick up his boyfriend.
New chapter!!!
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