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Dib took Zim through the lobby and enter the elevator up to the next floor. The door opened, Mitchel glared at Dib but then noticed Zim and quickly got up.

Dib rolled his eyes, Mitchel loved meeting new people and in a second the 25 year was shaking Zim's hand eagerly.

"Hi, I'm Mitchel! What's your name!?" the man asked happily.

"U-Uuuh..." Zim said nervously. "I'm Zim." He said, one arm wrapping around Dib's still in a kind of shy-helpless childish way.

Mitchel smiled. "Aww isn't that cute? Someone actually likes you Dib?" the man teased, causing Dib to roll his eyes again.

Dib brought Zim to his desk and fetched him a chair so the alien could sit beside him.

Dib was about to work on his last 'project' for his boss but then he noticed that Mitchel was still there, smiling like a fool.

"You can leave now." Dib said rudely.

"Ugh, you're such a meanie head, Dibby-poo! Aren't you excited about the party!?" Mitchel asked, really excitedly. The 25 year old loves these parties. Too much.

Dib sighed. "Yes but I can only go if I finish this and I can't with you annoying me." Dib explained bluntly.

"Fine, fine! See ya later Zim!" Mitchel said as he gave the green boy a little wave.

Again, Dib sighed and looked at Zim. "This place is so unprofessional."

Zim giggled and nodded with agreement. Zim stood behind Dib and rubbed his neck and shoulders lovingly. He kissed his head with a loving purr. "Dibby-poo?" He giggled at Mitchel's nickname for Dib.

"You aren't poo, you're a sexy beast human." Zim said sweetly.

Dib tensed for a second but relaxed with a moan. "Is that why you always called me Dib-beast back when we were younger?" The human chuckled, knowing that was obviously not the case.

Zim smiled with a wide grin. "Mmm...Maybe." He teased Dib.

Dib leaned his head back to give the other male a Spiderman style kiss. "Why haven't I noticed how adorable you are before?" Dib asked innocently as he looked into Zim's big, fake indigo eyes.

Zim blushed and sighed contently at the kiss. He rubbed Dib's cheeks gently. "Because you were a dick before, and only wanted me dead." Zim said with a smile and a cheery tone.

Zim nuzzled the middle of his face, where his nose would be, with Dib's nose like Dib had done outside.

Dib giggled. "I was such a fool, no wonder I was never happy."

Maybe if Dib became friends with Zim on the day the alien came to earth then maybe things would have been better, they would have been more like this...

Then again, Zim only cared about himself and the mission at that time as well. So, maybe not.

Dib sat up straight again, giving Zim a quick peck on the lips  before finishing off his boss' papers. A man came to the desk to ask a few questions and soon he was off.

Zim finished up his massaging on Dib's neck and shoulders for the time being. He walked over to Dib's side, looking at the stuff on his desk.

"So," He began, picking up his name tag and turning it around in his hands as he studied it. "What do you do here?"

"Important paper work for my boss and answer questions pretty much. Doesn't take much for this job yet I get paid way too much. But I'm not complaining!" Dib said as he flashed
Zim a huge grin then going back to his work.

Zim giggled at Dib's grin. "Now you can pay for all the hookers and the hoes." Zim joked around, lightly flicking Dib's nose.

Dib blushed while glaring at the alien accusing him of such nonsense but then a wicked grin took over his features. "Or buy my sexy boyfriend kinky maid outfits. Personally I like that idea much better." Dib said with a wink and leaned in to take Zim's lips again but was interrupted.


The human jumped with a squeak, totally surprised and scared. "Um! Yeah? what?" the human swallowed a terrible lump in his throat.

Zim blushed from the human female that walked in. Zim jumped off of Dib's desk and sat in the chair instead, to try and act casual.

"Am I interrupting?" asked Larren.

"Wha...noooo..." Dib looked at Zim with worry then at Larren.

"Ok, well I got a few clarification questions about the marketing scores here." Larren said professionally. Dib got off his chair to look at the clipboard and discuss some things with Larren.

Dib ran his hands through his hair and he nodded at what Lareen was asking.

Zim had been watching the two with great interest. It was fun to watch how people talked, agreed and understood things, and worked with each other. Zim- Being his alien self, thought it was fun to watch people play out their daily lives.

"So you see the transition then? Very well?" the women asked and again Dib nodded. "Great, Thanks Dib, oh, you got..." Larren trailed off as she licked her thumb and rubbed the corner of Dib's mouth. Dib froze and looked at the women with wide eyes.

"You had some salt on your face." Larren chuckled with a sweet smile, making Dib blush madly, mostly at the fact that he had food on his face.

Zim's eyes went wide at the woman's actions towards HIS Dib. It was a bit, fishy Zim thought, because Zim had kissed those lips and tasted no salt on them.

However, this Lady was older and seemed more of a mother figure, in Zim's eyes anyways, so she didn't seem that much of a threat to Zim. But Zim did notice how uncomfortable Dib was around that small action. Zim felt sorry for Dib, that he couldn't just say it made him uncomfortable- even if the lady was acting like a mother figure or not.

Then Larren noticed Zim for the first time. "Oh!? And who might this be?" she asked curiously, leaning over to get a better look at Zim.

Once the lady finally noticed Zim, Zim got up and stood next to Dib. "Hello, I'm Zim." Zim said with a smile as he held his hand out to formally be greeted with the woman. "And who may you be?" Zim asked.

The once very rude and blunt alien had changed to a very respectful and nice to humans alien. It was the only way of living now- it was to become a human and no longer be an alien of this planet. Even if it made Zim feel odd showing such a nice gesture.

Larren took Zim's hand happily. "I'm Larren, it's nice to meet you Zim. Do you plan on working here?" Larren asked, extremely interested.

Dib stood back and watched the two. Larren was assumed to be 'after' Dib and then there was Zim; Dib's boyfriend. And there they were...connecting in some way. Dib wondered if this was good or bad, it looked good but Zim doesn't know about Larren and Larren doesn't know Zim's relationship with Dib. Should he tell her? Would that make a difference in the future?

Dib swallowed. If it did change anything then Dib feared it would be an unpleasant change. The human still felt nervous about being with another male. Sure it was easy in front of strangers, they didn't know you, they couldn't have ever assumed you were straight in the first place. Dib was comfortable with that, but people he did know, that was different.

Dib just hoped nothing terrible would happen.

Zim shook hands with Larren, before pulling his hand away to fall back down to his side, hands slipping into his pants pockets in a comfortable shy way.

"Oh no, I'm just here for the party. Dib invited Zim to come, Zim actually works at McMeaty's." Zim said, not even aware of his 3rd person speaking, which is a normal habit but most people knock him down on that- like he gives a shit what people think.

Zim was unsure about this lady named Larren, so he tried to get an inside scoop on her, without giving away he's actually with Dib. "You two seem very close to each other, how long have you've guys been working together?" Zim asked, curiously.

Larren looked at Dib as she thought. "Hmmmm, I'd say a year or two, right Dib?" Larren asked the other male.

Dib nodded as he headed back to his desk to finish up his work. "Sounds about right." Dib decided to let the two talk amongst themselves, he only had a few more dates to fill in. Dib looked at the clock to see that there was still 20 minutes left.

"It was cute cause the first time Dib started working here, he wouldn't talk to any of the workers, he just kept to himself." Larren said with a warm giggle. Dib groaned inside his head.

It was too true, he was so scared and nervous of his new job that he didn't want to talk. At all. But after a while, Dib got used to everything and finally settled down.

"Oh really?" Zim looked back at Dib with a smirk, it was kind of hard to believe.

"Zim's known Dib for years, and he's always been a loud mouth." Zim said as he smiled at Dib a bit evilly.

Dib had always been loud to prove that Zim was an alien, only once in a while he was quiet when he had nothing to prove at the time being. But...He still talked to himself about Zim and his plans.

Zim walked over to Dib to tap on his head gently, playing with the lock of hair. "But, he's still a sweet guy Zim thinks."

Dib glared back at Zim playfully.

"Oh yeah, Dib's a great guy." Larren said with a wink and smiled. "I'll see you two later, it was a pleasure meeting you Zim, I hope to see you again at the party." Larren said happily and walked off.
I have this story under short stories. O_O

It's not really a short story huh? Lol
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