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Zim took his beer and walked with Dib to the snack table. "You can drink it if you want." Zim followed him. "But you don't need to, Dib." Zim smiled at Dib lovingly and kissed him quickly on his lips.

Dib smiled at the quick kiss and looked at his drink. "I might as welL..." Dib said distractedly as he grabbed random pieces of food.

Zim leaned up against the wall and opened his drink, he frowned down at it. "Dib, do you mind if I drink? Does it bother you? I won't get drunk, I promise." Zim looked at him with caring eyes, he rubbed his hip against Dib's, like a gentle nudge to show him he wanted Dib to be comfortable and he was trust worthy.

Dib looked at Zim in puzzlement. "I don't care if you drink, silly." Dib said, flashing Zim a grin. "I never saw a drunk alien before." Dib shoved more food in his mouth and swallowed. "I guess we both shouldn't get really drunk though. We have to get to your place after...perhaps we could get there by taxi?" The human looked up thoughtfully. Maybe he shouldn't get too drunk tonight but deep down he kind of wanted to. To see what he's like as a drunk, is he a funny drunk, violent(he sure hoped not) drunk, a horny one...that would be  kind of bad too. But if Zim is sober than it'd be ok...right? Zim would stop him, right? No matter what?

Zim nodded at the allowance of him drinking and took a deep chug of his beer. He wasn't planning on getting drunk, that could save for another time. But if Dib wanted to get drunk a bit, he was fine with that too, but he just hoped they could stay in control, and he wasn't sure how Dib would be when drunk. Zim could be funny, violent, and once in a while horny while drunk so it all depends with his mood and how people treat him while not in the right state of mind.

"Hey Zim?" Dib looked at the casual male against the wall with eyes of slight worry. He was going to have to discuss with his boyfriend his intentions in order to have an idea of wither he should carry on with drinking or not and if so, he needed a net, a safe place. He needed Zim to make sure everything wouldn't fall apart. That they wouldn't regret anything! That they would have a blast tonight, together.

"Yes Dib?" Zim looked at Dib, and took a couple more chugs of beer. It had been a while since he's had it, and it felt weird drinking when in a good mood, but that was better than being depressed and drinking.

"If I did, say, get 'impossibly drunk', would me? I think you would, I don't doubt that but if I got out of hand, you would have the power to help me right?" Dib looked down when he spoke, not wanting to see any hurt in Zim's eyes or any emotion for that matter.

Dib didn't like the distance between them, physically. Zim on the wall and Dib at the table, snatching food. But Dib stand where he was. Plus, he didn't want things to get depressingly serious so he flashed the green male a smile. "I sound attached to you, don't I?"

Zim gave Dib a confused look, not really understanding him at the moment. He saw that Dib seemed sad or something of that sort. He got himself off of the wall, but didn't go over to Dib.

"Do you mean, like if you got violently drunk or something? Well, if that were to happen Zim would take you out of here and try and calm you down, take you home and make you sleep it off. If you got horny drunk, Zim wouldn't take advantage of you, but I'd take you home and make you sleep in his bed while Zim sleeps on the couch. If you got out of hand at all, Zim will take care of you, no matter what." Zim said seriously and caring.

Zim still gave Dib a confused look from the attachment statement. "Umm...You don't sound too attached actually. You just sound like you want to be safe is all. You can get as drunk as you want, and I'll stay sober to watch out for you. Deal?" Zim said, still with a slightly confused look on his face. How Dib acted was a bit odd, but he tried not to question it.

Dib looked down at the drink then at Zim. He walked up to Zim and kissed him softly and whispered "I love you."

Dib leaned back and smiled at Zim then took a sip of his drink and in seconds Dib was choking from the first taste of alcohol. It was painful to swallow and his eyes watered a bit, when Dib coughed for the last time, he looked at the drink again with a wry smile. "I'm really gonna have to get used to this."

Zim frowned. "You don't NEED to." Zim took the drink and took a sip, he stuck out his tongue. "Ew. That is strong. Here, I'll get you something sweeter, unless you don't want to drink." Zim asked, to make sure.

"Some more coke might help?" Dib muttered. Then he looked up at Zim with a smirk. "It's stupid but tonight maybe the only time I try something out of my comfort zone...I want to try it."

Zim patted Dib on the back and leaned up to kiss his nose. "Do what you want Dib, no one is in control of you." He smiled lovely at Dib. "Alright, I'll get you something better. Stay here, it's a surprise!" Zim giggled and went off to the bar to get Dib a sweeter drink.

"Ok!" Dib giggled in excitement. While Zim was gone, a few of Dib's co-workers greeted him and had some small talk with him. They left him to be alone and Dib ate more random food, waiting for his boyfriend to come back.
Long time no upload eh?

It's almost been a month! DX Sorry guys!

Here you go thoiugh, I'll post up until the last of the RP. C:
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