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Zim pushed along the crowd with his pinkish colored drink, and handed it to Dib. "It's like lemonade, and I put some strawberries in there to make it sweeter," Zim giggled and blushed. "Like you." He leaned up and gently kissed Dib on the lips.

Dib giggled and thanked Zim then took a sip of his new drink. He could taste some alcohol but nowhere near as much. "Mmmm, thanks Zim." Dib thanked the green male again while drinking his drink.

"So what now, just wait to get a buzz and what not?" Dib chuckled.
Zim smiled. "Yep. Unless you want or something." Zim giggled with a shy blush.

Dib almost chocked on his drink. After regaining himself, he looked at Zim, completely embarrassed. "D-dance!? I-I don't know...I suck at dancing." Dib rubbed his neck nervously, something he hasn't done in a while.

Dib didn't want to screw up something as easy as dancing in front of his amazing boyfriend...

Zim huffed and smirked at Dib. "Oh please- do you think I can dance?" Zim hit Dib's shoulder playfully, taking another deep drink of his beer after the hit.

"However~ Zim is so most likely better than you." Zim smirked again and laughed. It wasn't like Zim without some self-praise. "But we don't need to dance if you don't want to- just an idea." Zim shrugged with a small frown.

He mumbled before taking the last sip of his beer. "We should at least do something other than standing around." Zim was actually getting a bit bored just standing in one place, drinking a beer without some sort of entertainment.

Zim sighed, thinking about just forcing Dib into another make out, but he figured Dib didn't want to do that while his work human allies were around to see. Zim huffed and frowned again. "I'm going to get another beer, I'll be quick." He said, taking off to get another one.

Dib mimicked Zim's huff at the challenge the alien put out there. He glared at the alien as he ran to get another beer, how can he drink that so fast! Dib wondered then looked at his drink, drank as much as he could which only got him a little more than half way down the glass and glared at nothing in particular.

"I could dance better if I was drunk enough..." Dib muttered sourly. The human looked at his drink again and took another long sip. He felt frustrated with the fact that he couldn't dance and he also felt guilty bringing Zim here to die of boredom and Mitchel torture...Dib wanted to spice things up for the alien and it was lame that more alcohol would do the trick. And with that in mind, Dib took another sip, just for entertainment purposes.

He wanted to get drunk fast so Zim didn't die of boredom, this thought making the black haired boy take another slightly longer sip of his delicious drink.

From everyone else's perspective, Dib looked heavily concentrated on his drink, alone at the snack table.

Dib kept making up random reasons to drink his alcoholic beverage until it was gone. But Dib didn't feel too different...bloated a bit from drinking something new too fast but the human made his way to find Zim, hoping to get another drink. Was it then that Dib found it a tad difficult to balance himself, not too hard but randomly he'd lose his balance.

Zim got his beer then turned to head back to Dib. As he was passing through the crowd, he saw Dib headed towards him.

Zim gave him a confused look but smiled gently. "Hey hot-stuff." Zim's smile faded a bit, from how Dib looked. He looked a bit annoyed with Zim or just plain out of it. "Uuh, babe, you okay?" He asked, opening his beer and taking a quick sip.

Dib giggled at the nickname and nodded his head. "I'm fine, just...what was the drink called, I want another one." Dib said with a grin as he walked passed Zim which was a bit dumb since he didn't wait for Zim to tell him the name of the drink yet but Dib just assumed Zim would follow behind him.

Zim followed Dib and went to the bar and asked for the same drink for Dib, with the strawberries within it like last time.

Once done, Zim looked at Dib and smiled gently. His back pressed up against the counter and his elbows resting on the top of it. "Are you going to get drunk, Dib?" The thought just sounded very odd to Zim. He giggled and took a gulp of his beer.

Zim turned his head around to the bar tender. "And a glass of water as well? Large, thank you." Zim added and nudged Dib gently. "You'll have to pee a lot, but at least you won't throw up."

"I'm gonna get drunk alright!" Dib said with a dark expression that showed pure determination but when Zim asked for water Dib's determination face changed to confusion. "What's the water for exactly?" the human asked genuinely curious.

Zim looked at him as if he was stupid. Zim sighed in thought, trying his best to think of a way to explain it to Dib, because he seemed to already be a bit drunk.

"When you get drunk, humans often throw up if they drink too much. Water balances it out, so you won't become sick in the morning. Sadly, Zim can't drink water- but I'll have to drink 10 beers or more to get to the throwing up point." Zim took another sip of his beer and sat it down.

Dib blushed from not knowing such information. "What would we humans be without water." Dib commented when he got his new drink and a large glass of water to go with it.
Zim sighed that he couldn't completely finish his own beer without getting drunk. If he finished it, he would be in Dib's state, but he didn't want to risk Dib's safety. Zim sighed again, very disappointed, because that just spoiled all his fun.

Biting his lip, Zim groaned. "Oh what the hell." He mumbled to himself as he chugged it down, to the halfway point- and even a bit below. He wanted to at least goof off with Dib, make out like two sloppy morons, laugh and spaz out....Being a little drunk was safe...Right?

Zim knew he could still keep an eye on Dib, make sure he didn't hurt himself or others, and stayed under control. But Zim knew he had to watch out with himself as well, he didn't want to have sex with Dib. Not like this, and not now of all nights.

As Dib took a swig of his own drink, he noticed Zim chugging his and the human's honey eyes went wide in concern. "Zim, you gonna be ok?" was all Dib could really ask as he placed a hand on the other male's thigh since he was too far away from Zim's torso. Zim did say he could pack in 10 beers without really hurting himself but Dib couldn't help but be worried.

Zim's eyes shot open from the touch to his thigh. He swallowed sharply, almost gagging on his beer but managed.

Zim sat his beer down by his side and blushed at Dib's hand. "Y-Yeah, I'm fine." Zim swallowed again, gently placing his hand over Dib's and rubbing his hand.

Zim now regretted drinking his second beer. It might be harder getting Dib off of him than he thought.

Dib stared at Zim for a second, doubting the alien's words but smiled at the feel of Zim rubbing his hand so the human kept his hand in place as he took another sip of his drink.

"Just so you know, we will dance! And I will be better than you, drunk or not." Dib argued as he looked at his drink then took another gulp. When the human set the drink down he had to focus his eyes from a minute, squinting at the wall before him for a minute then he looked at Zim. Zim looked...a bit nervous, Dib was about to say something when Mitchel made another wonderful appearance.

Dib's eyes went wide; he'd forgotten his plan to not be at the bar!
Drunk Dib!!!!! :D
ponyvilleraver Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
this is going to be good :)

tipsy Zim :) + Drunk Dib ;) = Mitchel fun time O//^//O
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