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"Dibbeh!" The man yelled and shoot his hands in the air. "How you feeling!? Me? I'm great! And you Zim, you ok? Great!" the man blabbered as a girl beside him giggled at his foolishness.

"Go away Mitchel, your drink was shitty, I had to get a better one." Dib said in a snotty voice. Mitchel walked up to take and examine the drink, making Dib try to get it back. Mitchel ruined everything! Dib wanted to keep his hand on Zim's thigh, it was warm damn it!

"Pfft, this-this drink is for sissys!" Mitchel claimed then looked at Zim's beer. "You should be drinking what your friend is drinking, beer is a real man's drink!" Mitchel teased, making sure not to get too close to Zim.

The girl giggled and said "Beer is gross!" Dib couldn't help but smirk.

"Yeah, jerk, now give me back my drink and leave!" Dib said, not as rude as the first time.

"Not unless you chug with me~" Mitchel sang, he sang when he was overly excited. Dib pushed the wobbly male away and growled.


"Please" the 25 year old begged.


"Common! I'll give you...$10!" Mitchel offered and Dib thought about it, it didn't help that the cute girl behind Dib encouraged him to chug! Dib looked to Zim for help or something but the other male seemed extremely annoyed by the fact that Mitchel was there.
So in order to rid them of Mitchel and his random girly friend, Dib sighed with a 'fine' and a strict 'you have to leave no matter what' after.

Mitchel's face beamed and so did the girl's. Mitchel turned to Zim. "Are you in, green person?"

Dib's eyes went wide. "H-he just chugged a second beer, don't-" Mitchel interjected happily.

"Right on! Let's make it three!" the human practically scream and Dib swore half the room was looking at them. Dib looked at Zim with concern on his face again but he didn't want Zim to miss out on anything he wanted to do because of him.

Zim didn't like how Mitchel kept screwing things up. Zim stood up. "Mitchel, I can't drink another beer." He said calmly, but his eyes were forceful and very seriously.

Zim went to Dib's side and rubbed his back. He whispered to Dib's ear gently. "Do you want to chug with him? I'll just watch then we can dance after. I'll still protect you, love." Zim gently licked Dib's jawline to let him know it was alright. Zim ran his hand on Dib's lower back, not wanting to pull away at all, but did so very slowly.

Zim still shot rude glares to Mitchel, keeping a close eye on him. Zim mumbled under his breath of rude things to tell Mitchel, but tried to keep his cool, unless something bad happened, like a bar fight or something- he really wanted to start with this man.

Dib's skin heated up when Zim touched his back and the human's face went bright red with all the 'attention' Zim was suddenly giving him. The tongue to skin contacted made Dib's brain defuse for a second.

The new girl noticed Dib's reactions to his 'friend' and giggled but kept quiet. Of course, Mitchel was too drunk to notice anything but then again it wasn't the alcohol that made him so self-centered.

Dib looked into Zim's eyes and smiled. "Thanks Zim." Dib wanted to tell Zim he didn't want to chug with Mitchel but at the same time, adrenaline said otherwise and Dib was submitting to the urge. That wasn't a good sign was it? It was all new therefore exciting, Dib reasoned, he wouldn't do anything unreasonable.

Dib looked to Mitchel, who was annoyed with waiting. "You owe me $10!" he narrowed his eyes, ready for the challenge and Mitchel instantly grinned evilly. Dib should have taken that grin more seriously.

Both males took a hold of their drinks while staring daggers at each other. The girl behind Mitchel suggested a toast. Mitchel thought and said "To being the youngest in the company!" raising his glass.

Dib's face deadpanned. What a stupid toast the human mused but raised his drink to hit it against Mitchel with a hard clunk. The adrenaline at its peak until Dib washed the drink down. It took him a few more seconds longer than Mitchel but when Dib's glass, now empty, hit the bar table, he lost complete focus for a second and a cough passed his lips.

Mitchel chuckled. "That's a good boy." he said patting Dib on the back and deep, deep
down, Dib enjoyed the praise from the stupid 25 year old.  

Mitchel took his girl by the hands and they made their way to the dance floor.

Dib just groaned. "I should have made it $15..." then came an amused chuckle. Things were spinning.

Zim looked at Dib concerned and went to his side, rubbing his back again and leaning into his side to comfort him. "Dib, are you alright?"

Zim sighed, now regretting to allow Dib to chug that. "You are going to get sick, Dib-baby." Zim frowned, grabbing the water. He handed it to Dib. "Drink this now- no more alcohol for you." He said sternly. Zim kissed Dib's forehead gently, but sighed in regret of letting Dib drink so much.

Dib nodded his head and felt himself fall to the back of the chair. "I'm fine...I'm not gonna get sick." Dib said totally sure of himself. When he saw the water come into view, Dib looked to Zim. "Zim, I'm fine, really!" Dib smiled widely at Zim's worried yet stern face. Dib looked back at the water and decided that it would kill him (it'd actually save him) to drink some, for Zim. So Dib did.

Dib gave up on the water after he missed his mouth a few times and wanted a the pink lemonade drink. "Can I have another one now?" the human pleaded. Dib felt that he wasn't quite drunk enough, despite the fact that his body kept wobbling; Dib found the inability the sit straight fun.

Zim frowned. "No Dib, Zim doesn't want you sick." Zim got him a new straw and forced him to drink the water. "Please Dib, your truly drunk if you deny it."

Stroking back Dib's smooth black hair soothingly, Zim kissed his forehead as he sat neck to him. Zim looked down at his thigh, and placed his hand there, like he had done to him. He rubbed his thigh gently, but stopped, not wanting to turn Dib on too much.

Dib pouted and watched as Zim put the straw into the water and wanted him to drink it all. Dib tried to focus on the drink but then Zim's hand distracted him, instantly the human looked to see what Zim was doing but the green male stopped, making Dib frown.

Dib knew Zim was truly trying to help which is why he felt bad when he refused to drink the water and stood up. He felt like moving around, Dib looked around the masses of people and then to Zim. "You wanted to dance after right? Come on, let's do that instead, I'm not very thirsty." Dib said distractedly and he reached out his hand to grab Zim's and pull him up. Not shortly after Din needed to use Zim as support but the human laughed at ushered Zim to come dance with him, with his biggest smile.

Zim squeaked when he was being pulled, up. He sighed and smiled lovingly to Dib.

'I need to loosen up,' Zim thought. 'I need to have fun with Dib.'

Zim squeezed Dib's hand tightly and leaned up to him to kiss him deeply on the lips, then smiled widely, getting an odd sparking urge to have fun and dance with his boyfriend.
More drunk Dib!! Lol!
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