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Zim leaned up against the wall, blowing the strand of hair that hung over his forehead a bit. Zim's eyes went wide with remembrance, he huffed and rolled his eyes. "Oh yeaaah! Dib told me to follow him." Zim giggled at that. "Stupid Zim." Zim got off the wall and slowly began to walk towards the hall Dib went down.

'Maybe Dib is just leering me into the bathroom to fuck him,' Zim thought as he walked, face facing down and the floor spun a bit as a wobbled. 'I don't want to see him peeing or something...I don't want to suck pee cock!' Zim stuck his tongue out at that as he continued to walk. 'I'll just wait outside of the restroom, then we leave.'

As Zim went down the long hall, he saw too people standing close to each other in a corner. His eyes were too blurred from being drunk, but he tried his best to blink and see. No use. He continued to walk slowly towards them, so he wouldn't fall. Guessing, they were just some random workers making out and shit. Zim could, after all, only see the girl mostly but still eyes too blurred to see.

Zim inched closer and closer. The man began to look more familiar. Zim stopped, cocked his head and stared.

'No. It can't be..." Zim's heart began to race with panic and uncertainty. He walked faster, eyes getting clearer and clearer with every step.
Dib placed his hands on Larren's naked shoulders and laughed nervously. "Um...What-what are you doing...?" the human questioned.

"Shhh." Larren hummed against the younger boy's neck then she went back to nipping at it slowly.

Dib growled and tried to shove the girl off. His less than 80% drunk side showing. "J-just cause I'm drunk doesn't-" Dib was cut off.

"Relax, Dib." Larren said as she pressed her big and hot hands on Dib's cheeks and leaned in.

Dib's eyes went huge and he tried to back up but forgot there was a wall preventing him from doing so. "Don't-" Dib protested but it was too late.

Dib squeezed his eyes shut at the feel of glossy lips against his own. After a few seconds, Dib relaxed and let the older women lightly wipe her tongue across his upper lip, the alcohol kicking in again and blurring his better judgement once again.

Zim saw the two, seeing HIS boyfriend pinned to the wall while that sickening woman macked all over his tasty mouth that belonged to only Zim! Zim growled, protective Irken side of him stepping out with the mix of alcohol was never a good thing.

Once close enough to the older woman, he grabbed Larren's shoulder roughly, digging his claws into it and pulling her away from his Dib. Zim glared and growled lowly in the back of his throat. His Irken's impulse was too strong. Hand raised high, Zim hit Larren hard across the face, making her fall to her knees and hold her face in confusion and in pain.

"Dib is ZIM'S BOYFRIEND! If I find you kissing him or touching him again, Zim will torture you so bad you might not even live!" Zim hissed and took Dib's hand and pulled him down the hall to leave the building as quick as he could.

Larren stayed in her spot. Her shoulder was bleeding and her face stung while her heart pounded painfully in her chest. She started at her hands in shock, regret and disgust.

"Boyfriend...?" she whispered confused.

Dib tried to catch up with Zim's fast pasted moving. The human hadn't registered anything that just happened but he needed to slow down before he fell. Fortunately for Dib, he was drunk enough to understand that Zim was furious and stopping him at this point could be fatal.

When they slowed down a bit Dib looked at Zim with pure concern. Then they stopped for the elevator. Dib stared at Zim, unable to correctly place the alien's expression due to alcohol and the event that just happened. It all sunk it now, Dib let Larren kiss him...he didn't do anything to stop her...or did he? The human swore he did! But that's beside the point, Dib...cheated...did it seem like that to Zim? Dib dreaded the thought of Zim thinking that.

Dib looked to the ground then at Zim again. "Zim...I'm really sorry...I..." the human looked at the floor again. His chest felt so tight as if he was suffocating but he had to apologize...again. "I should have had the power to...stop her...I didn't mean...I'm sorry."

Dib desperately wanted to look at the other but one he was scared of what kind of expression Zim was holding and two the human was on the verge of crying.

Zim stood in the elevator arms crossed as he stood in the corner. "Not your fault." He said, stone cold tone though. "I'm taking you home with Zim and cleaning that mouth of yours. But don't say sorry. It's not your fault." Zim didn't look at Dib. His face was straight and almost looked calm, but you just knew he was ticked off.

Dib finally looked up at Zim. The human felt like he was drowning in the alien's fiery. Dib wanted to apologize a hundred times but Zim's tone screamed for him not too. Keeping silent and not irritating Zim was the best plan.

They walked into the elevator and Dib swore every time he hit the wrong button, which was a few times. The human didn't want things to be awkward between them but he wasn't sure if talking or not talk was the right choice to avoid that problem. Dib went with not talking. There was nothing to really say...and Zim looked like he needed to blow off steam and Dib didn't want himself to be the target. No matter how much he felt he
deserved it.

Zim sighed, looking at Dib get mixed up with the buttons. Zim took Dib's hand and held it, smiling at him weakly, but it was still a smile.

Dib jumped when he felt Zim's hand on his.

"I'm making out with you once we get home." He nuzzled into Dib's neck with a purr.
The human blushed madly for some reason when Zim said that. It sounded so sincere and pure. Dib felt forgiven...but that didn't stop his guilt.

" still want to...?" Dib asked like a child not understanding why he was getting a reward for bad behaviour.

Zim nodded. "Yes, after cleaning your mouth from her germs...after all, I like it when you're horny." Zim blushed and leaned into Dib, wrapping his arm around his waist as he cuddled into his warm side.

Dib cringed at the thought of Zim washing his mouth...the human pictured the alien shoving a bar of soap down his throat and- Dib's thoughts were interrupted by Zim second half of his sentence and the warm little cuddle.

Dib chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head. "Honestly…what just happened was a total bizz kill...I feel sober already..." the human whined. "Sorry if that ruined your whole night...I tried to stop her..." Dib couldn't help but bring the subject back up.
Zim sighed. "It's fine. Not your fault. I knew you would try and stop her." Zim smiled and stroked Dib's cheek lovingly.

The alien stared into his beautiful eyes and sighed contently. Dib was wonderful, and he truly didn't want anyone to have him but him. "I have mouthwash at home and toothbrush so you can clean that human filth out." He said sweetly, still staring into his eyes.

Dib smiled as the elevator doors finally opened on the floor they needed to get off on. Dib took Zim's hand and sigh. "Yeah, mouthwash sounds good~" the human hummed, finding that much better than soap.

Zim walked beside Dib, holding his hand as they left the building, then headed down the streets towards the bus stop.

Zim smiled up at Dib, nuzzling into his side again. "Do you want to sleep in my bed or on the couch? If it makes you uncomfortable, we can sleep in different rooms." Zim said with a shrug.

He was worried that maybe, the make out will make the alcohol kick in again and Dib and Zim would end up having sex, which Zim didn't want to break his promise.

Dib looked at Zim then around the starry night. "I'd prefer you to have your own bed and I can just crash on your couch. No biggie." Dib flashed Zim a smile.

The fresh air was nice and lightened Dib's mood greatly. The human began to have a skip in his step as he dragged Zim along with him. Of course Dib was still prone to falling so he had to be careful.

Zim shook his head. "No, you take Zim's bed. I'll take the couch. You need a good nice comfortable sleep, drunky McSkippy." Zim giggled and walked behind him as he skipped ahead a bit.

Dib stopped skipping to look at Zim. "Don't be silly, it's your bed, you sleep in it. I don't mind the couch, really. I love sleeping on couches!" Dib said with his hands in the air for emphasis.

Zim smiled, shaking his head. "Come here silly boy, I need to love on ya for a bit." Zim opened his arms wide as he stepped close to Dib.

He wrapped his arms around Dib's waist and pulled him close and rested his face into his chest. Zim rubbed his back as he nuzzled into his loves chest, feeling the sweat from dancing. "Or, we could both sleep in my bed." Zim whispered and purred tiredly. "I want to cuddle you to sleep." He said, looking up at Dib with tired eyes.

Dib happily hugged the other male back and sighed. "That's fine by me, cuddling is cool~" the human hummed as he held Zim close. His green little alien...

"Hey, Zim? You were just joking or something about the whole you being naked and beer right?" Dib said as he chuckled and brought the green male to their bus stop.

Zim giggled, wrapping his arm around Dib's waist and cuddling into his side. "Of course Zim was joking. I was just trying to make you come home with me, so you wouldn't get more drunk." Zim smiled up at Dib lovingly.

"Ok. " Dib giggled, he had a feeling that was the case.

The alien still looked up at Dib, batting his eyes tiredly, still once in a while nuzzling into his side. "So, you are no longer drunk?" Zim wondered, out of disbelief.

Dib put his arm around Zim and groaned. "I wouldn't say that...I still can't see straight and walking's a challenge, I'm just holding in my alcohol in know." Dib looked around suspiciously.

"I still have to pee reeeeeally bad, wanna wait here while I find a place to..." Dib's sentence drifted off as he looked for an appropriate place to urinate.

Zim giggled. "Sure, go ahead....I won't peak a look." Zim winked teasingly as he pulled away from Dib and turned his back to let Dib pee in some bushes.
I still have to fix this story on

Anyways, enjoy.
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