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Once they got there, Zim opened the door. Sighing happily to be home. "Do you need to brush your teeth? I have a spare toothbrush Zim haven't used yet. Zim is going to get dressed real quick." Zim went to his room and shut the door, getting into some fuzzy dark purple pants and wore no shirt. He opened the door, to let Dib know he could come in, as he fell down on his bed tiredly.

Dib smiled as he walked in Zim's apartment with him.

The human headed straight to the bathroom after removing his shoes. "Which one is the new one?" he yelled to Zim from the bathroom. It was really bright in the room; Dib's eyes were still adjusting.

"Right top drawer, green brush, still in package." Zim shouted back as he flopped over on his side and nuzzled into the blankets tiredly.

"Kay, thanks~" Dib reached for the packaged item and struggled to open it for a good five minutes when he decided to get Zim to do it for him. He peeked his head through the bedroom door frame and saw a tiny lump on the bed then walked in himself. When he saw the alien's purple pants, he giggle.

"Only you could wear those and still look sexy as fuck." Dib commented as he leaned over to nuzzle the sleepy alien's face and kissed it here and there. The human pulled back a bit. "Wanna open this for me? My fingers are wobbly and too dull unlike your claws."
Zim opened his eyes when he heard Dib's voice, and the sweet cuddle and kisses made Zim's face flush and a wide goofy smile spread on his face.

"Heehehe, oh Dib," Zim smiled and giggled lovingly at Dib, stroking his cheeks and kissing him back gently on the lips. He put his hands down and took the toothbrush, tearing it open with one sharp finger. He purred up at Dib and handed him the opened package with the green tooth brush inside.

"There you go sexy," He purred and kissed Dib's chin as he sat up.

"Thank you~ I'll be back." Dib said seductively with a wink and left the room to go brush his teeth.

Dib smiled when he knew he wasn't too drunk since he could still brush his teeth functionally. Once Dib was done, he wanted to just hop into bed and snuggle the living crap out of Zim but he figured he should pee again just in case. After doing that, Dib's stomach growled as he walked into the bed room again. Dib sat on the bed and wondered if he should eat or not.

"Would I puke if I made some food?" Dib asked, slightly amused.

Zim shook his head quickly, as if he was sure, then it began to slow unsure now. "Well, it depends. You didn't drink any water, you need to now, while you still can...otherwise you'll throw up in the morning. If you eat, then your puke is going to smell bad and going to be a lot grosser than just watery goop." Zim said, then sat up with a tired stretch. "But, I can make you a snack for now, so you don't throw up a whole meal, and Zim will drown you in 10 glasses of water, k?" Zim smiled happily as he got up from the bed and headed to the kitchen.

Dib's face fell and went pale from disgust then he smiled at his wonderful alien boyfriend. "Awww, thanks Zim, I'll eat and drink it all." the human said as he got up to follow the green child to his kitchen.

Zim smiled, poking Dib's belly. "You better!" Zim leaned up to Dib and kissed his clean mouth. "So, what do you want to eat?" Zim asked, stroking Dib's sides.

Dib smiled and kissed the alien back. "Mmm, I don't know what you have. You going to have something? I can just eat whatever you want to eat." Dib said as he examined the kitchen.
It was fairly small but still in good shape. For an apartment, Zim's house looked like a mini mansion inside because of how well kept it was. Dib smiled again. He could get used to all this dating stuff.

"Well, go to the fridge and look, and those two cabinets across from the sink has crap in there too." Zim giggled and sat up on the counter.

Dib looked to the two locations and headed to the fridge first. It was full of junk food that a fridge could hold. Poop(soda), chip dip, and ect. Dib stared inside the cold box and hummed to myself when he decided to look into the cupboards and saw more junk food and in the next cupboard where some pastas and sauces were.

"I'm assuming you don't have meat here?" Dib asked as he chuckled a bit. He grabbed random boxes and examined them. He didn't really want a meat, just something to much on.

Then the human came across a box of crackers. His eyes went wide with excitement as he ripped the box off the shelf.

"Oh my god! You have these!? I love these!" Dib said eagerly. He opened the box in a rush to get to the food inside. Just as he was about to stuff his face he froze and looked up at Zim. "Um, c-can I have some?" he asked with a red face, he felt bad that he just assumed he could take some without permission.

Zim smiled up at Dib. "go right ahead blushy face." Zim purred and smirked at him. "You look so cute when you get excited. I hope you get that excited unwrapping my package." Zim winked.

Dib blushed harder, despite himself. "Wha-wha??" the human didn't quite understand what the alien meant by that. The black haired male was slowly opening the package of crackers, guessing that Zim meant this package... not a different one. "T-this package...right...?" Dib's face was as red as a tomato. Zim could embarrass him so easily sometimes. Plus, Dib still had alcohol flowing through his veins and Zim was shirtless. In other ways, Dib's sexual 'sensitivity' was on a high. But the poor human was doing his best to ignore any urges or even more embarrassing things, like boners, so blushing madly would have to do.

As Dib stood there and looked at Zim, from their fairly close distance, the human tried to wrap around the concept of how hot he got just from being near the green male. It was never like this before and Dib has never felt this feeling before. It almost scared him.

Zim smirked at Dib's innocence as he sighed. "I'll get you some water." He reached out to Dib to quickly flick a piece of hair on his forehead and rub his cheek before getting off the counter and heading to the sink. He turned the water to cold and grabbed a glass and filling it high, he then handed it to Dib, getting very close to Dib, their crotches almost touching. "Here," He said smoothly.

Did made a high noise in his throat at the sudden closeness and the blush didn't go away. Dib slowly took the drink and narrowed his eyes at the other male. He can probably tell I'm horny, Dib thought sourly. He was doing a bad job and Zim was mocking him. Or maybe teasing. Dib personally thought both.

"You trying to start something, alien?" Dib said in amused irritation. Dib felt defenceless with a box of crackers in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

Zim smirked. "This weekend, we can actually start something." Zim winked and pulled away, sitting back on the counter.

Dib smirked back. "I'll start something alright." he said as he kissed Zim on the counter.

Zim smiled and kissed back, wrapping his arms around Dib and stroking through his soft smooth hair.

Dib moaned softly and leaned into the kiss more. He swiped his tongue across Zim's thin lips in hopes for entrance.

Zim moaned as he opened his mouth up for his boyfriend. Zim happily stroked Dib's chest, clawing at the fabric of his shirt, and whimpering wantingly for his human.

Dib let his tongue explore the alien's mouth. He loved the feeling of Zim stroking his chest, it almost made him weak. Dib couldn't touch Zim because of the things in his hands, he could have put them down but he knew that once he did he knew he'd just take
Zim on the counter so he decided to keep the items in his hands.

Zim tightly wrapped his arms around Dib's head after stroking his clothed chest, as if he was hugging it. Zim kissed back a couple of times then pulled away from the kiss. He giggled happily, nuzzling Dib's nose lovingly. "go eat now." Zim said demandingly, sliding his arms away from his head, to allow Dib to move away and eat. Zim jumped down from the counter and went into the living room to sit somewhere more comfortable.

Dib whined from the disconnection then followed Zim to the living room and sat next to him. He drank down half his water and stuffed his face with crackers.

"You know you can go to bed now if you want. I'll join you look tired." Dib said as he looked Zim up and down.

Zim shook his head. "I don't want to leave you might get all bored, depressed, lonesome, without your amazing sexy Zim." Zim purred and nuzzled into Dib's shoulder lovingly.

Dib laughed and shoved more food into his mouth. "Amazing and sexy indeed." Dib nodded agreeing. They sat there in quiet until Dib wondered something.

"You don't find us dating weird at all do you Zim?" Dib said absentmindedly as he took more of his drink.

Zim smiled and nuzzled into his arm, holding onto his arm with both of his. "Nope...Not really...Only because we were enemies at first, but other than that, nope."

Dib smiled at how cute Zim was when he was clingy. "Mmm, me too...I never knew you were so...awesome and cute...and sexy and just wonferdul."Dib chuckled. "I do miss you wearing that dress, tight pants and combat boots though." the human frowned. He really wanted to see that on Zim now.

Zim huiffed and glared at Dib. "It is, and never WAS a dress!" Zim lightly punched Dib's belly. "It was...just a long shirt." He huffed and pulled away, and getting up. "i still have it..." He grumbled and went to his room to fish it out of the closest.

Dib laughed. "It was totally a dress, on you anyways!" The human waited on the coach from the alien to return.

He brought his old uniform out and laid it down on the couch. "It's too small for me now." He said, he had grown a bit since he wore it the first couple of years on earth. He glared at the thing. "I hate it....I used to be proud of wearing that piece of junk..."

Dib stared at the piece of clothing then at Zim's face. The human stood up and wrapped his arms around the alien's waist. "Kill it, kill it with fire." Dib chuckled and rested his chin on Zim's shoulder.

Zim shook his head and giggled. "No, it makes me feel taller and bigger for one thing..."

Zim hugged Dib and held him close. "But, if you like, I can remake it if you really want to see me in it again." Zim said.

Dib smiled and nipped at Zim's neck as he roamed his hands all over the smaller male's front. "I'd love that~" the human purred.

Zim moaned and wiggled away from Dib. "If you are still hungry, eat your crackers." Zim giggled and kissed him gently on the lips. "I'll meet you in the bedroom, when you are done." Zim winked, then picked up his clothes and headed off to his room.

Dib frowned at Zim's leaving then plopped on the couch to drink and eat more food. Dib looked towards Gir and frowned more. He must be fix, Dib thought. Zim would be soo happy.

Taking his last sip of water and eating a few more crackers, Dib burped and got up to put the stuff away. He finally headed to Zim's room and shut the door behind him. Dib felt very sober now, which was nice. The human sat on the bed and began removing his shirt and pants. After that, he lifted the covers and slipped into the bed.

Dib sighed contently as he took a hold of Zim's hips and pulled the irken's body against his and wrapped his arms around Zim's tiny chest.

"You're really cold." Dib said as he moved his hands up and down Zim chest to warm him up.

Zim smiled when Dib came in and snuggled him. Zim laid his head on his chest, and sighed happily. "Only you could warm me up so well." Zim purred, rubbing his legs on Dib's bear ones.

Dib giggled and wrapped his more warm body all over Zim's, the contrast felt good to

Dib. "Mmm, I love you Zim." Dib said softly and kissed the alien's shoulders and neck.

Zim smiled at Dib tiredly. "I love you too." He leaned his head back and allowed Dib to kiss him as he began to fall asleep.
Ok so I thought there was more to the story but I guess not. lol

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