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February 24, 2012
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Dib probably spent too much time in the restaurant with Zim but the human didn't give a damn! Technically, he had a date with Zim! Even though they were just friends and Zim didn't want to date...a lonely 20 year old could dream.

When Dib entered the building, he went straight to his boss' office to have the recites checked and the black haired male could work on the decorations.
Mr. Buary seemed pleased with the items Dib picked out and approved the recites and let Dib go.

Happy with how this day was going, Dib happily went to work on the decorations. It wasn't like he was behind on anything but he wanted to begin right away so laziness wouldn't be an issue later on.

Dib started with the white and yellow tinsel and placed them where they best suited; desks, door frames, windows and the tables for the party, which were already laid out in the conference room.

Dib's co-worker, Logan caught Dib decorating and encouraged the black haired male, making Dib smile nervously. Logan was an extremely social guy but not in a bad way.
Next were the plastic stars. Dib only bought a few since he knew hanging too much up would give off a Christmas feel. Dib only got four and had a lame idea to hang a star at each corner of the room, which was rather big.

All that took the decorating human around an hour and a half since the stars were a bitch to put up but when Dib was about finished hanging up the last star and getting the last item to finish his job for today, Larren walked in to admire Dib's craftsmanship.

"My, my~" Larren said in an impressed voice, one of which startled Dib since he was so wrapped into his work he didn't notice her come in. Dib whipped he head to view the women and he froze.

Larren walked up to the ladder Dib was standing on to hang up the plastic item onto the roof of the room.

"I didn't know you had an artsy side, Dib." Larren said sweetly.

All Dib could think of was 'cougar, cougar, cougar!' but the human wouldn't let that stop him from  having a casual conversation with the women like usual. The black haired boy had values against judgement.

"It's not really that artistic...just common sense perhaps." Dib said almost as an after thought, then he proceeded down the ladder.

Larren chuckled. She had an elegance to her whenever she did something. "Smartypants."
Dib laughed and shrugged his shoulders.

"You're coming to the party then?" Larren asked, looking straight at the human. Again, Dib froze.

Lying would do him no good what so ever.

"Yeah...might as well." Dib said with a nervous shrug this time.

"Aw, that's great." Larren said with a sweet smile. "It'll be a blast, as long as you drink responsibly."

"I don't plan on drinking actually." Dib admitted shyly.

"Oh? Not that you should of course..." Larren advised as she stepped closer to Dib and placed her hand on the black haired boy's shoulder and rubbed his muscles. "But it does ease the mind, sets it free for a bit and you'll be less tense. You're always so tense, Dib."

Larren couldn't be any more right; Dib was tense, very tense. He never expected Larren to...touch him! She never did before...but the rubbing...felt nice and Dib let out a shaky sigh, trying to pretend the gesture affected him not.

"Mm, I might...then." Dib said in hopes the women would stop and she did with a smile.

"Once in a while won't kill you, in fact it's rather healthy for your heart but remember Dib, too much of anything is bad." Larren said as she began to leave. She sounded like a mother, dear god.

"See you tomorrow!" the lady said before leaving Dib alone in the room.


Zim watched Dib leave, watching him walk down the street and out of sight. Zim sighed, a bit dreamily. Even though the touch was just a pat and not the hug he wanted, he loved it just as much. That simple touch felt great and wonderful. Zim could still feel Dib's hand against his head, which was a bit odd to the alien.

Zim went back to work, working at the Fries this time. He smiled widely and sighed dreamily once Dib would cross his mind. Dib and Zim were going to a movie, then a party tomorrow night. Oh, how excited he was to see his Dib again, Zim thought, purring to himself.

A warm huge, something was placed on his shoulder, making Zim jump. He turned his head to see a taller male stand over him. The older man's hand patted Zim on his shoulder and the man kept a straight face.

"I've noticed you've been much happier these past two days," Said Zim's boss. "I want you to keep up with the happy mood....just as long as it's not weed. OR you're fired!" He said, before leaving.

Zim groaned. He hated his boss. He was rarely around, but when he was...he always threatened the workers of firing them. I think he just wanted them to work harder, but Zim working there for three years, made him notice that all of them worked their icky gross human asses off.

Liz was packing fries for a customer, standing near Zim of course. "So, what movie are you guys going to?" She asked.

Zim looked at her. "We are going to a movie aaabbout....something that eats at human flesh while you're still live in your sickly pimply fleshes!" Zim said with a twisted grin. He was excited, mostly of the human torture than the actual facts of the movie.

Liz giggled. "Sounds interesting. Want to hang out this weekend? We haven't gone out ever since you moved out." Liz said, looking at him with pleading eyes. Liz needed a friend at this time, she was sad of her break up from last night. All she had was Zim now. "Sorry for hitting on you, I only want to be friends. So can we only be that?" She asked, pleadingly.

Zim stared at the human with wide eyes. He knew Liz saw him as a friend and maybe more, who knew. Zim had messed up in the past, with GIR. GIR was his best friend but the selfish alien treated the robot like crap. Like nothing. Even though he cared less of Liz, he had to be there for her. Zim cursed at himself for thinking like this. He blamed being on Earth for so long.

"Of course we can. Just call me Saturday or Sunday, whenever you are free." Zim said, not looking at her at this point. He hated having feelings towards human's feelings.

That made Zim question himself. If he hated caring for human feelings, why did he care for Dib's? When Dib was sad and hurt about his father, Zim wanted to comfort him. But when Liz came to him crying about her break up, Zim did nothing. Was it because he could relate to Dib? Or...He loved Di-

Zim shook the thought out of his head. Yes, he had feelings for Dib; romantically so. But, Zim didn't want to call it love. More of a 'crush' like humans called it in elementary school.

Zim was deeply confused of himself. Why Dib? Why did Zim care so much about Dib. Dib left him when he needed him and Liz took him in, Liz did more, Liz loved Zim and cared for him. Dib only hated the alien his whole life.

Maybe Dib only saw him as a friend, maybe less, maybe even as nothing. Could Dib REALLY just be doing this because he felt sorry for the alien? Seemed like a very Dib thing to do.

Zim sighed, pushing out the heartbreaking thoughts for the time being. Liz spoke up, with a sweet smile. "I will for sure. We can have lunch or something if you'd like." She said.

Zim nodded. "Of course." He said, zoning back into his thoughts.
God, I love cougars!
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